Message From the Dean - May 2013

Encourage, Provide, and Enhance

I attended the Waterloo Foundation breakfast in which they awarded school teams funds to support innovative projects. The Foundation's philosophy was to provide funding to encourage, provide, and enhance instruction. I believe we too embrace this philosophy because we truly encourage, provide, and enhance the instruction for our students. Because of the rich work that you all do, I want to thank you all for making this the best year of my tenure as dean of the College of Education at the University of Northern Iowa. This year has been very exciting and industrious for so many reasons. Listed below are only a few highlights of the year.


  • Hired fifteen new faculty and staff including Communication and           Marketing Coodrinator and a Recruitment and Retention Advisor
  • Secured a 15 million dollar gift from Dick Jacobson
  • Secured a 2 million dollar gift from the Carver Trust
  • Implemented the T2PAL initiative pertaining to assisted technology
  • Completed the inaugural year of Doris Corbett as the director of               HPELS
  • Renewed federal support for our programs at UNI-CUE
  • Transitioned two interim heads to permanent heads in the  Educational Psychology and Foundations and Curriculum  and      Instruction Department
  • Orchestrated the Premier Committees to move to action and                      implementation
  • Created a dashboard and implementation timeline for the Strategic          Plan
  • Created and convened the Teacher Education Advisory Council
  • Participated in UNI's Day-on-the Hill and held Town Hall meetings in our student teaching centers to enhance political advocacy
  • Conducted Educational Lecture Series with Christine Sleeter
  • Provided copious professional development opportunities pertaining     to diversity and inclusion


I am excited about the future of our College because we have dedicated professionals who put students first.  In order to move our strategic initiatives forward, I feel we must:

  • Solidify proposals so professors can receive funds for  professional development, research, and curriculum development
  • Investigate national accreditation for teacher education
  • Focus on recruitment and retention in our programs
  • Amplify our successes through communication and marketing                  venues
  • Engage in curriculum integration of our Premier Points
  • Seek external funding to support special projects
  • Make our seminars and institutions cost effective
  • Align our PAC procedures with our strategic initiatives
  • Provide anecdotal and evidentiary examples of our effectiveness
  • Create teaching assessment instruments for merit purposes


Again, thank you for a wonderfully exciting year and have a relaxing summer.