The Center for Multicultural Education ends regular business hours on Friday at 5:00 p.m. However, the Center is available upon request for weekend events. Please keep the Maucker Union facility hours in consideration when planning events for the weekend.

Facilities must be reserved at least two weeks in advance. Each dated event requires separate request forms. There may be multiple requests on one form as long as the events are for the same date and same time. The CME staff, according to availability and information provided, makes room assignments.

The CME reserves the right to cancel or limit any reservations when deemed necessary.

Event Information

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Day of the week:

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Title of Function:

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Additional Information

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Set up Date and Time:

Event Start Time:

*Note: No Setups before 8:00 AM

Event End Time:

Time needed for breakdown:

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Equipment Information

*Your Request will not be processed without the information below completed.

**Note: Kitchen included with AB&Lobby but optional with others. If you desire the kitchen, please include it in the setup notes below.**

CME Floorplan

If requesting room A and/or B, Please check the item(s) desired and fill in quantity where applicable.(Room layout and equipment only applies to room(s) A & B)
Item(s) Requested Select Quantity
Easels (Flip charts not provided)
Projection Screens
DVD Player
CD Player/Stereo
Sound System/Microphone

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By submitting this form, I agree that I have read a copy of the CME’s Reservation Policies and Procedures and agree to abide by them. As an authorized representative of the aforementioned organization, I agree to assume full responsibility for the cleanliness of the space used and for any damages that may occur. I also realize failure to comply with the CME Policy for Facility Usage may result in the loss of reservation privileges in the future.

  I agree to these terms and conditions.