The Culture and Intensive English Program will offer a scholarship to prospective CIEP students in Fall 2014. In normal circumstances, the scholarship will cover the cost of education for two consecutive sessions in the amount of the CIEP tuition cost. Other expenses such as housing, meals, books, health insurance and university fees are not covered in this scholarship. The total amount of the award is $4,900 which covers tuition for two sessions ($2,450 per session.) 
Scholarship recipients must redeem the scholarship for consecutive sessions and continue to meet the scholarship requirements listed below. Generally, the CIEP tuition scholarship is a one-time award. Recipients may reapply for a second term if they choose to, but an additional award is not guaranteed or obligatory on behalf of the CIEP. If these conditions are not met, the recipient will forfeit the scholarship and the remaining amount may be granted to a new recipient for the remaining sessions. Scholarship funds are limited and may vary from year to year. 
The purpose of the CIEP Tuition Scholarship is to supplement assistance provided to students for attending CIEP courses as well as to reward potential scholarship at the collegiate level with intensive language training. The rationale for the CIEP Tuition Scholarship is to develop formal procedures for issuing scholarships to students who demonstrate need, merit or both. 
In order to apply for this scholarship, applicants must: 
  • Have a high school diploma 
  • Provide proof of financial guarantee for the remainder of expenses 
  • Demonstrate financial need 
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age 
After receiving the scholarship, recipients must maintain eligibility by: 
  • Maintaining passing grades (73% or higher) during studies in the CIEP 
  • Maintaining F1 status through full-time enrollment and regular attendance 
1.) Submit a complete CIEP application form (http://www.uni.edu/ciep/apply
2.) Complete the CIEP Tuition Scholarship Application Form and submit the following supporting documents:
  • High School and/or college transcript
  • Letter of recommendation from a professional reference such as an employer or instructor
3.) When the CIEP receives all documents, the director will select five leading candidates and the scholarship committee members will chose the finalists.
4.) All scholarship recipients must indicate acceptance or rejection of the offer by May 30, 2014. The scholarship deadline is May 1, 2014. Scholarship recipients will be announced before May 31, 2014.  Students must also submit a complete application to CIEP in order to be eligible.  Questions can be sent to ciepadmissions@uni.edu.

If you prefer not to apply online, you can also download the paper application here.

The UNI CIEP Business Professionals Scholarship is awarded to individuals who are working in the United States under an L1, L2, R1, R2, H1, or H2 visa.  The scholarship awards 10% of CIEP tuition fees.  To qualify for this scholarship, individuals must be currently employed at a business in the Cedar Valley.  Proof of employment, a copy of a valid passport and visa must be submitted with this application. 


The CIEP Permanent Resident, Refugee, and Asylum-Seeker Scholarship is awarded to Permanent United States Residents and Asylum-Seekers living in the Cedar Valley.  To qualify for this scholarship, students must complete the scholarship application form, demonstrate financial need, and provide proof of their residency through a DV1 or DV2 visa, Greencard, or U.S. passport. The scholarship awards up to 50% of tuition fees.

The UNI Culture & Intensive English Program is pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity to individuals who are recommended by current UNI full-time employees. This scholarship will provide up to 100% tuition to individuals selected by the scholarship committee for the Summer 2014 or Fall 1 2014 session.  Scholarship recipients will be responsible for housing, meals, books, airfare, application fee, health insurance and university fees. Students must also submit a complete application to the CIEP to be eligible.

The application deadline is April 15, 2014.  Award recipients will be contacted by May 15, 2014.  Questions can be sent to ciepadmissions@uni.edu

If you prefer not to apply online, you can also download a paper application here.