Elective Courses

Posted on Thursday, July 25th, 2013
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CIEP may offer elective courses each session to help students practice their English skills outside the classroom.  Elective courses vary by session and each course may not be available each session.

Reading Safari

Reading Safari meets each week in the UNI library and focuses on improving Reading skills.  Reading Safari members choose the reading topic and CIEP staff members are available to guide students in learning vocabulary and understanding American culture.

Video Conference

Video conferences give students the opportunity to practice their English speaking skills with students from all over the globe.  In the past, CIEP students have had the opportunity to participate in cultural exchanges with students at universities in Brazil and Turkey.


Pronunciation classes often meet twice a week for one h​our and focus on the specific needs of the students.  Students who choose to enroll in the pronunciation class will have access to additional resources and opportunities to perfect their English speaking skills.

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