Intro. to Africana Studies, 3:30-4:45(M/W)

QUESTION:"Briefly describe how the church contributed to the stability of the Black community in Waterloo, Iowa. Your response must include two examples from the video and your reply must be at least ten sentences." 

Randolph Dean Interview

The Mount Carmel Baptist Church had a tremendously positive impact on the Black community in Waterloo, Iowa. Throughout the many years that Randolph Dean attended, the church participated in many charity events and fundraisers. A couple of which were raising money for sick children and building neighborhoods for the elderly. This made Mount Carmel not only a place of preaching sermon, but also a community of thoughtful people that gathered to help the rest of the Black community. The video further explains, that the Mount Carmel Baptist Church also "made an effort to make sure the people were politically aware" of relevant issues at the time. This was a powerful tool to educate the Black community on the important issues at hand. Although Randolph Dean didn't focus too much on politics, and even reiterated that "the church doesn't actively get involved with politics," but it was a useful educational tool in the church. Even so, they had Reverend David Jackson and Senator Vilsack speak at Mount Carmel. Lastly but not least, the Mount Carmel Baptist Church had it's own choir, which Randolph Dean participated in himself. This choir helped entertain and spread the idea of hope of things getting better. They recorded and album in Minneapolis titled "Hold On," which preached to hold on because God with help.

Extra Credit- Randolph Dean

In this video the Mount Carmel Baptist church located in Waterloo, Iowa contributes to the people of the church as well as the community is several ways. Fist and foremost the church does many types of fundraisers. They raise funds for a woman and her ill child, the church is known for their act of kindness. Which they make the newspaper for as well as them fundraising to get a tutor system going for the children, to become more success full. Randolph says “he wishes this would have been around when he was a child” he acknowledges that this would have benefited him a lot. The church did many thing of this sort thanks to one of the many preachers they had. Rev. R.S. Rockett as the man who brought Randolph Dean to the church. Thanks to him, Dean made the church of Mount Carmel Baptist his spiritual home. Dean says his qualities were “number one he was a large man, and he was very truthful in his talk, if he talked to you he would tell it just exactly like it was how it was, he didn’t like the old saying say he didn’t beet around the bush he came straight at you. He was a just a dynamic preacher.” This church is un like a lot of churches we now have it is amazing who much they gave to the community, this goes to show that it only takes one person to make a difference, in a church, community or just in general. Stephany Gonzalez MW 3:30-4:45 Dr.Jackson MSU Denver

The church contribution to the stability of waterloo community

Rev. Thomas and his crew were actually good leaders and through their works, the community benefit significantly both spiritually and physically. In other words, the church as an institution really did an awesome job which contributes great to the stability of the community (waterloo, Iowa). Again, from the interview, we saw that a young lady was able to take care of her sick child through the fund raising money from the church. Beside this, the church was able to offer accommodation to the old folks and disable people by building housing named mount village 1 & 2. And I believe the church as an institution/organization did decent job as the way it supposed to be. The church knew that, through the well-being of their community so it shall be onto themselves ‘prosperous lives’. For the Bible made it clear in Jeremiah 29: 7 that, we will be prosperous when we seek the peace and prosperity of the community/city/nation which we dwells. it was really important considering the welfare of their community because if there is no peace in the community, the church would have not even existed in the first place. And i believe the church contributed so great to the solidity of the community by winning more souls into the church and with so doing changing peoples lives from evil to Good. posted by isaac Addei MW 330-445

Randolph Dean Video.

As Randolph Dean related his story of the Mt. Carmel Church in Waterloo, I heard about how much the church brought to the community. He talked Reverend Thomas and he inspired the community to build Mount Village 1 and 2 as housing for the elderly and disabled. Mr. Dean said "At that time there wasn't much housing for elders and handicapped people, so we thought at that time it would be a great thing to do for the community and that's why it's so important to build Mount Village 1 and 2". Another of the important things that the church accomplished was starting an education program for children and doing many fundraisers, one for a girl and her sick child. Mr. Dean said "The Church is supposed to feel the needs of the people and that is what Reverend Thomas and Mt. Carmel was about". It is clear that Reverends Ruckett and Thomas lead their congregation to do many good things for the community. They also inspired the community through their Emancipation Proclamation celebration, Mr. Dean said they would "wear traditional dress and eat traditional food" so that the younger people would understand where they came from and the importance of the Emancipation Proclamation. The church had this celebration for over 40 years. The amount of good work done by the Mt. Carmel is very impressive. I was impressed to learn that they attracted many important political figures including Reverend Jesse Jackson to come and see their church. More churches like Mt. Carmel need to exist so that all of our communities can come together and accomplish great things like these. Austin Ellis MW 3:30-4:45

Extra Credit -Randolf Dean

Randolph Dean spoke about his experience at the Mount Carmel Church in Waterloo, Iowa, where he was a member since moving there in the 1960s. The church was heavily involved in community service and awareness under Rev. Ruckett and Rev. Thomas. Mr. Dean said, “the church is supposed to feel the need of the people” and he was referring to church members as well as non-church members. The church helped build a housing center or complex called Mount Village, which provided housing for the elderly and handicapped. It was the first one in the town and later they built a second one. They were known as Mount Village I and II. Education was important to the church and its members so, they started a tutoring program within the community to help children succeed and to allow them to better themselves. Dean mentioned that he wished a similar program was available when he was growing up. In addition, they did fundraising for community members when necessary. They helped raise money for a local woman who’s daughter was sick. Every year, for nearly 40 years now, they have held an emancipation of slaves celebration to help raise awareness. It is a joyous and somber time where they can dress up in traditional clothing and cook traditional food all while educating younger generation of the African American plight of that time. The church seems to play a crucial role in the community by any placing an importance on education, awareness and general love and concern for its members as well as non-members. Posted by: David Green MW 3:30-4:45 Dr. Jackson's Class- MSU Denver