Each March, students, faculty and staff participate in MarCHEMadness, where four teams of faculty/staff and students compete in events to claim the coveted Golden Erlenmeyer trophy. Prizes also awarded are the Silver Beaker, Bronze Test Tube, and decorated filter paper.

The event, coordinated by the ACS Officers, include:

  • Teammate Titrate (a timed titration competition)
  • Pi Eating (pie eating race)
  • Identifying the Unknown and Guesstimative Analysis(Chemistry charades and guessing the length of a piece of yarn)
  • Mario Kart
  • Dodgeballl (dodgeball competitionl)

Any student currently taking a Chemistry or Biochemistry class is encouraged to participate.


The 2016 Team Contest Results are:

First Place (Tie) - Atoms Family/Two and Half American Men

Third Place - Team 260's