Alumni Spotlight

Mitch Patterson

Catching Up with Mitch Patterson

Mitch Patterson (P.S.M. '10, B.S. '09) graduated from UNI with a Professional Science Masters in applied chemistry and biochemistry as well as with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. Recently, he has turned his interest of metal working into... READ MORE about what Mitch Patterson has been doing since graduating from UNI.

Brian Hynek

Catching Up with Brian Hynek—Understanding the Planet Mars on Earth

Brian Hynek (B.A. '98) graduated from UNI with a Bachelor of Arts in all sciences teaching, earth science teaching and earth science. Recently, he has spent his efforts studying the planet Mars... READ MORE about what Brian Hynek has been doing since graduating from UNI.
TTC - Einstein and the Polar Bear

Tallgrass Theatre Company Has Roots at UNI

After arriving in Des Moines they “found themselves without a venue for their collective artistic vision. The two had discussed the idea of a local theatre company that, like the tallgrass prairie, had deep roots within the state... READ MORE about alums Jessie Phillips (B.A. '99) and Jim Stephenson (B.A. '00) and their work with the Tallgrass Theatre Company.