Reclaim Your Holidays

Creating fun & meaningful celebrations

Often we find ourselves focusing on external rewards like money, possessions, or the opinions of others which can lead us to feel dissatisfied with our lives. However, research finds that people are happier, more satisfied, and feel more alive and vital when they prioritize their lives around:

  • personal growth

  • accepting one’s self

  • nurturing close relationships with family and friends, and

  • contributing to their communities.

If it’s time for you to refocus on what really matters, or you simply want to try something new and creative, we think the information on this site and on the Reclaim Your Holidays Facebook page can help you!


  The First Step

The holidays are partly about indulgence. You can amp up holiday satisfaction by “intentional indulgence,” where you indulge in what matters most to you. To help you, start with the Pick 5 Quiz. This exercise will help you more clearly understand—or be reminded of—your values so that you can design holiday celebrations that reflect those values. Then, browse our website for ideas and resources that will help you take the next step toward a more fulfilling holiday season.

As you consider the season, remember to take care of yourself! Find helpful tips on how to Minimize Stress – Maximize Meaning (pdf).


  Check out two of our favorite new resources!

Five-Minute Assessment Tool (pdf)
  This activity encourages reflection on past holidays and how to learn from those to reshape the next holiday.

Gratitude Letter as a Gift (pdf)  Not the same as a “thank you note,” Gratitude Letters give you an opportunity to examine the pleasure and meaning you get from a relationship, and share that with a significant person in your life.

Lots of fun to come... Reclaim Your Holidays!