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Past Participants

Name: Darrick Snitker
Major: Accounting

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Why I chose to participate-

I have a strong interest in having the opportunity to work overseas and in a different culture in any career that I am employed in after graduation. Having the opportunity to work in this exact environment will allow me to bring to my future employer the experience necessary for any future overseas projects. Whether I have the opportunity to work overseas again or simply advise co-workers preparing to work overseas, having the firsthand experience will benefit everyone I deal with.


Having the opportunity to both learn from others and teach them about where I come from is very exciting. In an ever growing international work environment, I believe having the opportunity to participate in UNI's program will not only benefit me but also everyone else I come into contact with.

Name: Kelly Murphy
Hometown: Waterloo, Iowa
Major: Marketing

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Why I chose to participate-

After reading previous interns' China experiences, I knew that I had to apply for the internship program in China. China is a thriving country filled with many opportunities; this would be a chance for me to develop myself professionally, as well as personally. I would love to embark upon an adventure where I can learn from a global business and add value to the organization with the knowledge and skills I have learned through my previous work experience and my education here at UNI.


China is very different from the United States in a number of ways. To understand such an interesting culture I believe it's best to learn by experience. I want to experience the Chinese culture and be a part of such an interesting, growing, and advancing country. After participating in the Camp Adventure program at the National University in Seoul, South Korea, I know I wanted to continue to travel and learn from other cultures. This internship experience would be very rewarding and I would love to start the adventure.

Name: Brian Oliger
Hometown: Davenport, Iowa
Major: B.A. Management Information Systems
Language Skills: Basic Spanish and French

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Why I chose to participate-

I am interested in the International Internship for a number of reasons.  Some of these include broadening my cultural knowledge, being involved with a multinational corporation and seeing first hand one of the world’s largest economies.  I have always been interested in different cultures and societies throughout the world.  After studying Business and Politics of the European Union one summer, I knew that the world outside of the U.S. was something that I would like to learn more about.  Since that time it has been a goal of mine to eventually find work in the international community.  It is exciting to imagine learning and interacting with a culture so much different than our own.  Visiting and living in a country that has such an extensive and rich history would be a truly remarkable experience.  I am very interested in China because so many of U.S. businesses have been moving over there in the past decade.  Having a very open mind, and a high respect for culture, would enable me to adapt well to such a different situation.  My career aspirations align very well to what this internship would offer.  I hope that this experience would be the first stepping stone to an exciting career in global business.  My time in China would be cherished and I would surely value everything encountered. 

Name: Cody Gray Myers
Hometown:Perry, Iowa
Minors: Economics, Russian
Language Skills:Decent German, some Russian

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Why I chose to participate-

China's economy is growing at an extremely rapid pace and will soon surpass the U.S. as the largest economy of the world. China produces so many goods for the U.S. and the rest of the world, and every day more production is outsourced to China. China, thus, should be intriguing to most business students. I have had a strong interest in international business since my arrival at the University of Northern Iowa. Further evidence of my interest in international business is my participation in and presidency of the International Club of Business Students. I have, via this organization, been fortunate to participate in two international business related competitions, and became aware of the China internship program. I believe it is imperative I gain and intimate knowledge of this country, culturally as well as from a business perspective-the first being necessary to truly grasp the latter. I will thus do my best not only to excel at my internship, but to engulf myself in the culture by attaining Chinese friends and learning mandarin. I am looking forward to challenge myself with this experience in all its ambiguity. After completing this internship, I will have lived and interned in three countries (U.S., Germany, and China) with three of the biggest economies and will speak to a moderate level of fluency three of the most spoken languages (English, German, and Mandarin) in the world. Inclusion into this program will give me the opportunity to attain the tools to compete for a jobs relating to international business.

Name: Andrew (Drew) Lietzow
Hometown: West Des Moines, IA
Major: Management: Business Administration
Language Skills: Learning Chinese

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Why I chose to participate-

Having the ability to truly learn about a Far Eastern culture truly excites me. Specifically, Chinese culture is very different from American culture and I am eager to finally get a chance to experience those wonderful differences. Learning about the customs, business concepts, language, cuisine, geography... these are all elements I am looking forward to get a chance to truly soak in and compare to my current experiences in the United States.

China is on the verge of becoming one of the world's super powers in regards to the business world. The country is purchasing steel, cement, oil, and other building and manufacturing materials at an astounding rate. I want to experience this tremendous growth which the country is experiencing-- and experience it first hand.

Name:  Emily Barrick
Hometown: Webster City
Majors and Minors: Spanish, Portuguese, and Business Concepts
Language Skills: Spanish and Portuguese


Why I chose to participate:

I am excited about going to Dalian, China in January to work for the First Automobile Works, Inc.  This internship will fit in well with my future plans of working in International Business and going back to graduate school to get my IMBA. China is up and coming in the business world, and will be an excellent place to learn more about how companies operate overseas. 

Living in a different culture and experiencing it first hand is a phenomenal opportunity.  My experiences studying and living abroad in: Brazil, Japan, Spain, and Cuba, have made me more open-minded and have helped me develop communication skills with diverse populations.  My horizons have been expanded and my eyes have been opened to what is out there.  This experience, will without a doubt, open new opportunities for my future. 

My year in China will be a time to get to know myself better along with the American culture.  Comparing cultures will allow me to recognize the things I appreciate from home and the things that I enjoy from China’s unique culture that I would like to bring back, share with others, and incorporate into my life. 

This experience will invariably take me out of my “comfort bubble” and help me discover more about who I am and what I stand for.  One of my favorite sayings, and one that I live by is, “Growth requires a temporary surrender of security.”  I know that my year in China is going to have its challenges, but in retrospect, I realize that these times will be the ones I will look back on and find the most rewarding. 

In January, I see myself in China wide eyed and eager to learn more about this country, its people, and the way they do business.  Someone once said to me, “Life is an adventure.” I would have to say that I agree, and that I am looking forward to my quest to this far away land, and for the many adventures that this journey will bring.  

Name:  John “Andy” Robert Anderson III
Hometown: Boone
Major: Business Management; Emphasis: Supply Chain and Operations  Management
Language Skills: Learning Chinese

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What do you expect to gain from the experience?

I wish to be a part of the internship program for many reasons.  The first of which would be gaining the business experience of a foreign country.  Learning the linguistic and cultural aspects of any society is both exciting and enriching, but to be a part of a major Chinese automobile parts exporting system is incredible.  The experience gained from this internship would be life-long.  Even if I chose not to go into international business, which I do plan on doing, I still gain from this internship.  I think that whatever path I take I would walk away with skills in patience, a broadened horizon and new language skills that would prove to be omnipotent.  I believe that I would gain much more than this as well.  I would know how to do business with people in China.   I also find cultures different from my own to be fascinating.  I know nothing about the holidays the Chinese celebrate, or the marriage customs they hold, but I would like to.  I think that this internship is a lot more than just good work experience; I believe that it is life experience.

Another reason that I would like to do this internship directly is because I would like to entertain the idea of a job in import/export in the future.  I think that this China Internship would put me a step in front of the rest of the applicants for a business related job.

The linguistic aspects of going to China are also very appealing.  I crave adventure and challenges.  I would assume that learning Chinese would not be a walk in the park by any means.  I would embrace that challenge and hopefully conquer it.  I love the idea that I might be able to speak Chinese one day.  I think that this skill would not only be beneficial from a business point of view, but also from a world citizen’s point of view.  I truly believe that everyone who has the chance and ability should learn at minimum a second language.  I am lacking in this area.  I know very limited amounts of French, but by no means would I consider my self-bilingual.  I think that learning Chinese would further help me to understand the culture of the Chinese people.

I would love to work in China because of the great things that China has to offer me, and the great impact I believe I could have with First Automobile Works.  I believe that I would learn the cultural, linguistic and proper business practices of the Chinese population by participating in this internship program.  The final thing that I believe I would obtain from working in China would be an enormous leap in self-growth.

Name: Kunwook Lee
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Major: Management, Human Resources
Language Skills: Korean

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What do you expect to gain from the experience?

When people ask me “what is the goal in your life?”, I will answer that the goal of my life is to become “A rich father”.  I got a lot of benefits from my parents who I am respecting entirely.  Without their support, I couldn't have experienced anything like studying at UNI, traveling in Europe, etc.  As you can see, the meaning of “a rich father” is not to be a billionaire but to give my children abundant opportunities.  I believe that China will be one of the biggest issues in world commerce during the next several decades.  I want to be a person who leads those aspects in the future.  Also, the field of automobiles is one that I would like to pursue a career in.  This China Internship will help to open my eyes more widely and deeply.  And now, I am making my first step in China for my career life.

Name: John Kellenberger
Hometown: Algona
Major: Finance
Minor: Accounting
Certificates: International business certificate, Financial analysis certificate
Language skills: Spanish

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What do you expect to gain from the experience?

This is a great opportunity to gain international experience and to learn Chinese customs in life and business. I expect to find a culture much different than ours. With China now opening up to more international trade and business, it will play a very important role in international business expansion. I think that having this internship will provide to me an excellent education that I would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Name: Amanda Jensen
Hometown: Iowa City
Major: Economics (Business Analysis Emphasis)
Minor : Business Communications
Certificates: International Business Certificate
Language skills: German

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Why did you apply for the internship?

To gain experience in a different culture. I am also interested in the automotive industry and am excited about the chance to do business with Volkswagen

What do you expect to gain from the experience?

Hands-on experience with a company that does business around the world and maybe even learn a new language! I would love to work for a multinational corporation, especially in a country other than the United States. I plan to work in international business in my future career. I will use the experience that this internship provides to build my intercultural and business skills and to learn about another language and culture. Upon my return, I hope this experience opens to me the doors of those multinational corporations.

Name: Jesse Severson
Major: Accounting
Certificates: International Business Certificate, German Language
Language skills: German

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What do you expect to gain from the experience?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand my cultural experience. By obtaining this internship, I have achieved a long time goal to work for an international company overseas. This is an excellent opportunity to gain first hand experience within another culture and help me expand my knowledge of how business is practiced in another country. As China transforms itself into a more capitalistic market, the experiences I gain by living and working there will be invaluable to me in my business career.

Name: Nick Canby
Major: Supply Chain Management
Hometown: Peosta
Parent: Valerie Canby
Graduation Date: Summer 2010

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