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How much rice does it take to make a fish full?

After having been in Dalian for the past 3 months, it was my turn to show off the city. A group of students from UNI, Colombia, and Poland have been in China for the past couple of weeks. They’re here taking a capstone course. Occasionally, I’ll take time off from work to visit other companies with my classmates, but during the evenings and weekends I’ve been able to show everyone some of my favorite places. I don’t think I’ve seen a group of people more excited to see an American restaurant. I guess everyone was so tired of rice that something familiar was a nice change. I also took them to a nice English style pub for a few drinks. Overall, I think everyone had a great time and they have all gone back to those places again. They also have blogs and probably due a much better job of keeping them updated so I encourage everyone to read a few of those entries.

Unfortunately, I think my classmates brought the rain with them. Every day has been rainy or foggy, which is been quite unfortunate since this week was Dragon Boat Festival. I inquired about the meaning of this holiday, but had to ask several people before anyone could offer an explanation. One version is in remembrance of a very patriotic scholar and poet that drowned himself in a river after being exiled from his homeland. Many people started to through rice into the river to feed the patriot. Other versions have different people, reasons for the suicide, or why rice is thrown into the river. For example, the rice was used to feed the fish so that they didn’t eat the drowned patriot. I guess it really just depends on where you’re from as to what this holiday really means.

I did manage to snag one day where the weather wasn’t too bad. I ended up going into Dalian city and visiting my friend Angie again. She’s going back to Omaha for another visit so I won’t have another chance to see her until I’m back home in Iowa. This time, we went to the smaller aquarium that’s in the city. Afterwards, we just walked around so I could simply look at things, which was probably the most fun. I ended the evening by having dinner with her father and a couple of cousins. Being able to actually meet the local people is what makes this trip worth it.