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From Dalian to Xi’an and Beijing (Day 2)

During the hottest, driest time of year in Xi’an, it just happened to rain. Go figure. We made the best of it though.

To start the day off, we went to the historical museum. Tickets are free if you choose to stand in the lengthy line outside. However, for a small fee you can purchase tickets and immediately go inside. Due to the weather, and the fact that nobody wanted to spend their last day in Xi’an standing in line, we went with the latter option.

Obviously, it wasn’t any different than any other museum. There were many displays of pots, jewelry, and coins. The most impressive item was a map that showed the evolution of the silk trade routes to Europe and the importance of Xi’an.

After the museum, we went to the Big Goose Pagoda. This was one of the first Buddhist temples built in China. While impressive, the really beauty was the surrounding park and structures. There were several fountains and all of the buildings were a beautiful blend of modern and traditional architecture.

By now, we needed to go back to the hotel for check out. First, we couldn’t find a taxi because it was time for the shift change. Then when we found a ride, we got lost……again. They those hotel reviews I read earlier where absolutely correct. Nobody could find the hotel. At least I the driver took us by the Drum Tower and Bell Tower for a few pictures.

After a quick dinner we were off to the airport and to our next destination, Beijing.