UNI Business

Excel – Terrorizing Users Since 1985

Yesterday was a good day at work. I had spent about a week working in excel creating a payroll program. Sure, this sounds like it should be easy, but the hang up come with a more advanced application. I actually had to use an additional program called Visual Basic for Applications to create a user form that would perform all of the functions that I wanted done. The process of creating one of these user forms boils down to computer programming. Now, if I liked this type of work I would have chosen to major in it instead of accounting. Slowly I searched the internet for the desired coding and then modified it accordingly. Let me just say that I wanted to bang my head against the wall more than a few times. However, it’s finally done and works!

Outside of work, the weather has been hot and very humid. Normally, I was a couple loads of clothes at my boss’s apartment and then hang it up to dry at my apartment. Because of the humidity, the last time I did laundry it was still wet three days later and smelled even worse than when it was dirty. So, I did two things to try and remedy the problem. First, I bought a fan. Hopefully the air flow will help things dry faster. Second, I’ve resorted to washing socks and underwear by hand. This way I can keep the amount of laundry needing to dry at any given time to a minimum. I never thought that I would ever buy a bar of laundry soap, so this is definitely a unique experience.

Finally, I bought plane tickets for a trip to Xian and Beijing. It’ll be a short trip lasting only five days, so I’ll really have to hit the ground running in order to see even a fraction of all the tourist traps. My boss will also travel with me since he hasn’t been to Xian either. It should be an exciting “vacation.”