Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected at the delivery location?

The delivery location needs to be accessible by dining staff at least 15 minutes
prior to delivery time. The room should be unlocked. A table or counter should be
available to hold the items delivered.

What time will the delivery arrive?

The time noted on the order (event time) is the delivery time. Deliveries may
arrive up to 15 minutes early.

Will the staff set up and service the event?

Dining staff is expected to deliver the items ordered. Set up and service are
available for a fee. Call 273-2333 for details.

When will reusable equipment from an event be picked up?

Reusable items (ie beverage dispensers) are scheduled for pick up the next
business day after the event. If other arrangements are needed, please note
them on your order.

What if we moved the equipment that should be picked up?

If reusable items need to be moved from the delivery location, call 273-6036 to
note the new location.

How much does delivery cost?

There is a $15 fee for on campus deliveries. For orders totaling more than $100,
the delivery fee will be waived. To avoid the delivery fee, orders can be picked
up at no cost from three locations across campus (23rd Street market, Biscotti’s,
and Chats.) Pick up location is selected when placing an order.

What if my delivery does not arrive on time?

For any problems with your order, call 273-2333.

Does the delivery person expect a gratuity?

Gratuities are not accepted by Department of Residence staff.