University Food and Beverage Policy for Events on Campus

University facilities and grounds are often used by student or staff organizations, departments and other university-related groups for events and are also available to individuals, groups and organizations outside of the university community, subject to existing university policies governing use of space. The service of food and beverages is often an important part of these events.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the health and safety of individuals consuming food and beverages on university property and compliance with Black Hawk County Health Department regulations, the Iowa Food Code, university contracts and the laws of the State of Iowa.

University Policies:

Food and Beverage on Campus Request Forms

To choose the services that apply to your event type, follow the chart to see how and by whom your food should be prepared by. Event planning chart

Facility & Booking Policies


Each event space has its own unique décor and should be discussed when deciding decorations for an event that is being planned.  Each space has their own restrictions, so please verify with that event location.

General decorating guidelines:

  • In house linens: white, ivory and black tablecloths and napkins are included in the meal price.  Other napkin colors are 0.50 per guest.
  • We can order specialty colored table linens, chair covers and sashes for an additional fee. Private chair covers and sashes may be brought in.
  • All candles must be enclosed with glass and on a heat safe surface, i.e. mirror tile. They may not be placed directly on the table linen. Votive candles and candles in hurricanes are allowed. Votive candles and holders are available for rent.
  • Glitter and confetti are prohibited from use.
  • Decorations may be hung with mono filament from the balconies.
  • Real flower petals are not to be used for table sprinkling or throwing of petals for ceremonies, artificial flowers/petals may be used.  However, real flowers may be used for centerpieces in vases on tables.
  • Decoration of the spaces can begin at 8:00 a.m. the day of the event.
  • Mirror tiles can be rented from UNI.
  • Free standing decorations can be used, however no doors may be blocked.

Commons Slife Ballroom and Georgian Lounge/Porch specific guidelines:

  • Windowsills in the ballroom can be decorated.
  • The windows in the ballroom have blinds that can be lowered. The porch cannot be darkened.
  • Low tables in the lounge can be used for décor.
  • The tops of the fireplace mantles can be decorated.
  • Taping on the walls or painted surfaces (including fireplace mantles) is prohibited.

Room Rental Policies

  • Must reserve room for full-day on day of event.
  • Room rental is non-refundable and must be received at the contract signing to place a hold on the space. The balance of the contract is due 10 days before the event date.
  • Commons porch and lounge furniture must remain in its existing  position so all set up elements must work around existing furniture.
  • Event prices are based on 5 hours of  event service.  Additional hours of service are available at a rate of $125 per hour up to midnight. (does not include decorating or tear down)
  • Additional service time after midnight is available at the discretion of the wedding planner and may incur additional charges of up to $300 per hour.
  • Alcoholic beverage bars close one half hour prior to the end of the dance.
  • 5% service fee will be applied to the total of all food and beverages.
  • Final guest count is due three business days before your event.  Any changes to count after the three days may incur extra charges.

Commons Slife ballroom and Georgian Lounge/Porch

  • All bookings must be done with Department of Residence offices and is subject to their terms of service.
  • DOR Website

Maucker Union

  • All booking must be done with Maucker Administrative offices and is subject to their terms of service.
  • Maucker Website

Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center

  • All booking must be done with Gallagher Bluedorn offices and is subject to their terms of service.
  • GBPAC Rental Information

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Confirmation of Events/Deposits

A non-refundable deposit and signed contract is required to confirm every event.  Half of the room deposit and signed contract needs to be received by the event location office to secure your selected date and availability of all items.

Exclusivity Rights

Outside food and beverages are not permitted within the UNI campus, with the exception of wedding cakes that is part of the wedding services. Specialty wine/champagne may be brought in with prior agreement. A $12.95 corking fee per bottle opened shall be applied. UNI Catering staff must serve all alcoholic beverages.

Menu Selection

Both formal and casual serviced meals are available in our private dining rooms. Groups of less than 20 may be accommodated with restricted menu selections. We also provide menus for brunches and receptions. To assure you of the finest quality food and service, we recommend that the menu selection be made four weeks in advance. Customized menus and services may require additional time. For special dietary restrictions or needs, please contact your Event Planner.

Multiple Entrée

When requesting more than one menu item, a multiple entrée fee of 2.00 per person shall be applied for each additional selection. The same accompaniments will be selected for all entrees.  Identification in the form of color-coded place cards or other method must be provided for multiple entrée selections.

Health and Insurance Regulations

Due to health department regulations and Department of Residence policy, food and beverages consumed on the premises must be provided by UNI Catering. Food safety and licensing regulations prevent the removal of prepared food from the premises.

Guarantees & Payment

A firm guarantee (number of guests expected) must be made 3 business days prior to the event. We reserve the right to refuse a change in number after the guarantee has been given. UNI Catering will allow for numbers greater than the guarantee by preparing seating, place settings and meals for 5% over the guaranteed attendance to a maximum of 10. When requesting additional seating above the standard overset a fee of $20.00 will be applied. The client is responsible for the payment of the final guaranteed number, plus any additional guests. Half the estimated total is due 30 days prior to the event date and the remaining balance is due at the conclusion of the event.

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