Breakfast Buffets

  Menu Selection

Minimum of 30 guests
Buffet Breakfast Served Outside of the Commons or Maucker  Union will be 1.50 more per guest

Single Entree Buffet $11.45 per guest
Double Entree Buffet $13.45 per guest
Triple Entree Buffet $15.45 per guest

Entree (Select Entree)

Scrambled Eggs with Cheese
Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
Cheese Strata
Holiday Quiche (add $1.00/guest)
Ham Roulade with Asparagus (in season) (add $1.50 per guest)
Ham Roulade with Broccoli (add $1.50 per guest)
Baked French Toast
Ham, Egg and Mushroom Cup
Assorted Yogurts with Toppings (add $1.50 per guest)
Blueberry, Orange and Strawberry Yogurt Parfaits (add $1.00 per guest)

Meat (Select one meat)

Sliced Ham (add $1.00/guest):
Link Sausage

Starch (Select one starch):

Hash Brown Casserole
Hash Browns
Cheese Grits

Fruit (Select one fruit):

Fresh Fruit Tray
Fresh Fruit Compote

Pastries (Select up to three pastries):

Banana Nut Muffin
Blueberry Muffin
Lemon Poppy-seed Muffin
Donut Holes
Assorted Glazed Sweet Rolls
Assorted Danishes and Kolaches
Assorted Cinnamon Rolls and Caramel Rolls
Miniature Honey Wheat Donuts
Petite Bagels with Cream Cheese
Biscuits with Strawberry Preserves
Granola Bars


Orange Juice
Bottles of Orange Juice and Apple Juice (add $1.50/bottle)