Office of Career Services
The UNI Career Fair has been rescheduled for Thursday, February 27, 2014 (11am - 3pm, McLeod Center).

Business & Industry

Students interested in going in to a business field, regardless of major, are encouraged to meet with the Business & Industry Team of UNI Career Services. Office hours are available in both 102 Gilchrist and 321B CBB. To schedule an appointment, call (319) 273-6857.

General Tips

  • Go! Pick something to do rather just being open. Students who have the most success are able to say I want to be in _____. Students who say they are open to anything are always the last to find something.
  • Major Matters. Technical majors such as accounting, actuarial science, computer science/MIS, and industrial technology have an easier job search. All other majors compete against each other and the only thing that makes you impressive to employers is the experience you bring. Get an internship and be involved on campus.
  • Outside of Class. It is no surprise that the most successful students are building a network. If you think sitting in the classroom will lead to a job you are mistaken. Join student groups. Get involved in the community. Meet people doing the job you want. Look for experience (unpaid internships have a great ROI).