Office of Career Services
The UNI Career Fair has been rescheduled for Thursday, February 27, 2014 (11am - 3pm, McLeod Center).

Hiring Paperwork

Prior to starting work, you will need to provide the following documentation:

Option 1: Hiring Packet for Printing + I-9

Option 2: Hiring Packet Individual Docs: Cover Page, I-9, W-4 Federal, W-4 State (CERRF), and Direct Deposit


About the Forms

1.) I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
For the I-9 Form, you will be required to show two unexpired documents that establish identity and employmentauthorization. The most common documents are a drivers license and social security card. View a complete list of accepted documents.

2.) W-4, Federal and State
The Federal W-4 certificate and the Iowa W-4 certificate (aka CERRF) are a official government documents that direct UNI how to process your tax withholdings. The more "allowances" you claim, the less money is withheld each period.

3.)Payroll Direct Deposit
UNI only pays by direct deposit. Please bring a voided copy of a check to your personal checking account to your first day of work.

Once all FOUR Documents (I-9, Federal W-4, State W-4, and Direct Deposit) are complete, please return to Career Services located in 102 Gilchrist, or via campus mail, code 0384. Please note, if using campus mail, please allow 3-4 days for delivery.