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The UNI Career Fair has been rescheduled for Thursday, February 27, 2014 (11am - 3pm, McLeod Center).

Careers & Majors

Most places on campus tell you to choose a major. The truth is that most majors, those without certification, can pursue a wide variety of career paths. This means a business management major and a history major may/will be considered for the same job opportunities.

The Right Fit. Does one area of study make more sense? If you want to be in retail management would it make more sense to be a management major or an English major?

Talk to People. What is important to you? Money, job flexibility, prestige, work/life balance, location, and other factors will help you select a career path that matches you. By speaking with people doing jobs you want will give you insight in to what you need.

Get Experience. Internships, part-time jobs, and volunteering all provide you insight in to the working world.

Short-term. A career is a grouping of jobs woven together by you. Most jobs last one year to ten years. When selecting a "major" select one that will provide flexibility and provide you with a unique quality that will help you shape multiple jobs. A good exercise to verify this point, ask people who graduated 20+ years ago if they are doing the job they majored in.


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Major Handouts

Strong Interest Inventory - Schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor for more information

Career Profiles



  • Get Involved in a Student Group
  • Select a career path/major and write a resume


  • Start going to career events (career fair, workshops, etc)
  • Speak with professionals and ask about internships


  • Apply to 2-3 internships per week until you get one
  • Take leadership roles in student groups


  • Review job offer from internship and decide if you want to pursue other options
  • Seek full-time or prepare for graduate school