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UNI Student Employee Policy

1. Degree Seeking and Enrollment at UNI
a. Fall/Spring: Student employees must be enrolled in six undergraduate hours (five for graduate) per semester. Correspondence courses are not included in this count. International students must be full-time enrolled.
b. Summer: Degree seeking students are eligible to work during summer sessions (non-work study) if they are enrolled half time (five hours undergrad, fours hours graduate) OR enrolled at least half time in the previous spring semester and upcoming fall semester.

2. Maximum Hours Per Week
Students can work a maximum of 30 hours per week while school is in session (40 hours/week when not in session). The 30- hour rule is cumulative of all campus jobs. International students may not work more than 20 cumulative hours/week.

3.Work Study
Work Study is a Federal Program granted to qualifying students to alleviate the cost of school. Once the total Work Study Award has been reached, the department is responsible to pay the employee out of departmental funds.

4. Termination
If a student is not meeting the job expectations, it is expected that the supervisor and student meet to remedy the situation. Discussions should be documented and future grievances should be noted. Termination is allowed at the discretion of the department. Terminated students should be aware of the "Student Employee Grievance Policy."

Payment | Payment Schedule | Timecards + eBiz

On-campus student employees are paid bi-weekly. Employees must be paid for all hours worked. If the total allocated Work Study award has been earned, the employing department must pay any additional earnings from departmental budget. Voluntary services are in direct violations of the "Fair Labor Standards of 1938". Please direct payroll questions to Business Operations at (319) 273-2162. When hiring an international student with no SSN, please state "Applied for" in the SSN box of the I-9. International students should visit Jan Rogers in Business Operations.

Wages must be between: $7.25-$15.00 per hour