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Recruiting Guidelines for UNI

Thank you for your interest in recruiting at the University of Northern Iowa. Our 12,000 students will be interested in learning more about your organization and opportunities. In our effort to maintain the integrity of recruiting at the University of Northern Iowa, we have developed standards by which all recruitment and postings must adhere:

  1. Contact Integrity
  2. All job postings must include an email address, phone number, and location for Career Services to contact. Additionally:
    • Email: Must be tied to the organization and not listed with a free web-based address (,, etc)
    • Phone: Must be tied to a company contact and not a generic 800 number
    • Physical Address: Must be present and verifiable; no PO Box addresses accepted.

    • Any organization that is unable to meet these standards may submit a request for exemption to Pending the review, limited access may be granted at the sole discretion of the Office of Career Services at the University of Northern Iowa.

  3. No Buy-ins
  4. Absolutely no postings will be accepted if applicants must pay or purchase access for opportunities.

  5. Independent Contract (1099 Positions)
  6. We welcome independent contract positions; however, this must be stated in the job description.

  7. Hourly, Labor, Part-time Work
  8. All positions should be pre-professional or professional of nature. If the position is in question, contact

  9. Marketing & Advertising
  10. CareerCat and the Career Services social media feeds (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) are designed to connect students to career readiness programming, internships and job opportunities. No advertising is allowed for products and services other than to draw interest to active job/internship posting(s).

  11. Student Contact
  12. Please contact students. However, when you contact students by email or phone clearly state the organization you represent and the position you are contacting them about.

  13. Application Procedures
  14. The application procedure must be clearly stated. No phone applications are accepted through CareerCat.

  15. Adult Entertainment
  16. No adult entertainment industry positions will be accepted.

  17. NACE Recruiting Standards
  18. All NACE Principals for Professional Practice must be followed.

  19. UNI Career Services Rights
  20. UNI Career Services strives for open access and connections between students and employers. However, UNI Career Services reserves the rights to accept or deny any position or recruiting organization based upon internal criteria. Additionally, UNI Career Services may deny or remove access rights for organizations that do not meet the above standards or do not match the mission or UNI Career Services, the Division of Student Affairs, or the University of Northern Iowa.