Why Not? Vertex-Edge Graph Theory and Improvisational Comedy

DESCRIPTION: We are facing a world where it no longer suffices to learn a particular skill set, and then apply it repeatedly until retirement. Success today depends upon both the ability to think both analytically and creatively. These forces are not in opposition; they compliment each other. In this camp, we will spend equal time doing advanced, proof-based mathematics, and ridiculous, improv-based comedy theater. On the math front, enthusiasm and dedication is necessary, but there are no specific content prerequisites. Specifically, we won't be doing anything with algebra, statistics, calculus, or even very much arithmetic. Vertex-Edge graph theory is an important topic in both applied and theoretical mathematics, and feels like a "fresh start" to people who begin its study. On the theater front, again, no experience is required, but a fun attitude and a willingness to spend 90 minutes a day not looking cool is. At the end of the camp, parents will be invited to a showcase where students will get to show off some of the things they've learned. Doug Shaw, camp instructor, is currently a UNI Professor of Mathematics and has decade of experience directing the improvisational comedy troupe on the UNI campus. 

 Iowa EPSCoR

Date(s) of camp: 
Monday, June 16, 2014 to Friday, June 20, 2014
High School Students
Wright Hall
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Contact: Megan Balong