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Bethany with the hydroponic project she built during her internship


     The Certification is designed to provide Botanical Center Employees, Biology Majors and Prospective Science Teachers with 400 hours of study and (hands on) Greenhouse and Plant Care Experience. This experience will enhance the student's education and prove to be beneficial when securing employment after graduation. The Biology Botanical Center Manager will supervise the overall project and set the 'Hands on Training Agenda' with the Botanical Center Horticulturist supervising the student's training. After the satisfactory completion of the program, the participating student will receive a Greenhouse Techniques Certificate and will be eligible to serve as a Botanical Center Program Assistant. The training period is expected to take approximately 20 months. The student will be schooled and assessed in 57 different units within 10 training categories.

The categories are:
  • Procedures in the Head House
  • Greenhouse Maintenance
  • Plant Life
  • Plant Reproduction
  • Potting and Repotting
  • Proper Pruning Techniques
  • Proper Watering Practices
  • Plant Pests
  • Mechanics of the Greenhouse
  • Tool Identification


     This internship is designed to provide Biology Majors with 230 hours of (hands on) Biological Preserves Management Experience. This experience will enhance the students education and may be of particular benefit when securing employment after graduation. The 230 hour internship will start May 16th, 2000 and will end July 28th, 2000. The first 90 hours of the internship is non paid , however, the student will receive 3 hours of university credit upon completion. After the completion of the first 90 hours the student will be paid $8.00 per hour for the remaining 140 hours. A Biology Department faculty member and the Biology Botanical Center Manager will set the work experience agenda, with the Botanical Center Manager supervising the over all project.

The student Intern can gain work experience in the following areas:
  • Biological Materials Acquisition
  • Chemical Control
  • Site Preparation
  • Plant Waste Disposal
  • Equipment Operation & Maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Vegetation Care
  • Selecting The Right Tools For The Job
  • Increaser Population control
  • Seeding/Planting
  • Pruning
  • Boundary Line Care

Department of Biology    University of Northern Iowa   
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0421
(319) 273-2247

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contact Billie Hemmer, Preserves Manager @ (319) 273-2247