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  • Learning Games and Fun Activities for the Portuguese Classroom

  • The Activities Website above translated into Portuguese
    n.b.: The translation was done with an online Google translator

    Translator Sites: English -> Portuguese / Portuguese -> English

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  • > The HOMEPAGE with SIXTEEN different languages

    Now view Jim's Multilanguage Homepage all in Portuguese ... enjoy!

    Gosto de falar português

  • A pygmy owl hiding in the branches

    Tips for learning Portuguese

    - - - Hey's really quite simple. You must learn those verbs and how to use them efficiently. Practice them daily. Use them. Speak out loud. I learned in grad school that you will make 250,000 errors before you become "minimally proficient" in do not be afraid to make errors. Practice. Errors, I used to tell my students, are "lessons in wisdom." So get started today and Make Lots Of Errors and "get them out of the way!"

    My best students were never hesitant to speak up and to try new utterances. You do the same and you will succeed! So get busy and check out all these helpful sites below that are aimed to help you become proficient in Portuguese. Let me challenge you to open every single link on this page as there are many fine sites to help you learn Portuguese.

    Commerce Square in Lisbon Portugal

    Super Learner & Grammar Aids
    Tips for Learning Another Language
    From ie language / a great site

  • Surface Languages Portuguese Homepage
    Many Portuguese phrases complete with sound/a new discovery

  • Easy Portuguese / The Basics w/audio / Nice Site
  • Short Portuguese Lessons
  • Type It in Portugese
    A site that lets you type using Portuguese accents Bem-vindo ao nosso directório de artigos. And another one... in portuguese this time
  • Portuguese 101 / Nice Site!
  • Alexa Top Sites in Portugal
  • Learn Portuguese Now
  • Voice Crafters: Portuguese voice talent
    A recording samples of professional male and female Portuguese voice talents.
  • Talk Portuguese
  • Portuguese Words and Phrases
  • Portuguese language page
  • The Portuguese Language Page
  • BBC - Languages - Portuguese
    A "Do it all" site from the BBC/Very Rich!
  • Jim's Popular Spanish Website in Portuguese
  • Portuguese Resources
  • A super site for learning new vocabulary
  • Online Translator by Babelfish
    A very helpful resource for translation help from Eng to Port and Port to Eng
  • Portuguese Flashcards

  • Fluent Future/multiple Portuguese language videos
    Fluentfuture is a community-based language exchange platform. You can learn languages for free

    Take a Quiz on Portugal

  • Trivia Quiz on Portugal
  • An easy quiz on Portugal
  • FanPop Trivia Quiz
  • A Map Quiz on Portugal
  • Quiz on Portuguese History
  • Quiz on the Economic History of Portugal
  • Portugal Geography Trivia Quiz
  • A Curious History of Portugal
  • Quiz on Portuguese Literature and Culture
  • Quiz on Portuguese Literature
  • Quiz on Portuguese Music
  • Quiz on Cities in Portugal

    Take a Quiz on Brazil

  • Quiz on the Geography of Brazil
  • Map Quiz Game on Brazil
  • An Easy Quiz on Brazil
  • Choose your category / lots of auizzes here
  • Pro Profs Quiz on Brazil
  • Brazil History Questions
  • A Fun Trivia Quiz on Brazil
  • Welcome to Brazil Quiz
  • FanPop's Quiz on Brazil
  • A Brazil Trivia Quiz Cities and Culture
  • National Geographic's Quiz on Brazil
  • How much do you know on Brazil?
  • Quizmoz Facts Quiz on Brazil
  • Facts Quiz for Kids
  • Global Sherpa Facts and Trivia on Brazil

    Portuguese Learning Games

  • Click on the links below to begin the games.
  • Portuguese Language Games Online
    Try these Portuguese games and activities for Portuguese language learners! Based on familiar, classic board games, our Portuguese games combine the nostalgic fun of playing popular games with the opportunity to hone your Portuguese language skills.

  • Portuguese Children's Folk Games
  • Play Games in Portuguese
    Learning a language doesn't have to be boring. Check out some of these fun games to help you learn Portuguese!
  • Brazilian Learning Games Online
  • Word searches
  • Games to Learn Portuguese
  • Play Free Online portuguese Games
  • English - Portuguese Translation Games
  • Portuguese Vocabulary
  • And a whole bunch more here...

    Test your Portuguese

    Test your knowledge of your Portuguese abilities here

  • Quiz on Greetings
  • Quiz on three levels
  • Portuguese Vocabulary/Educational Quizzes
  • Vocabulary, phrases, resources and more via YOU TUBE
  • Transparent Language Quizzes
  • Portuguese Self Study Module
  • Fun Trivia on Portugal

    === SEARCH ENGINES ===

  • Alta Vista Search Engine in Portuguese

  • Colossus for Portuguese
  • Portuguese Search Engines
  • GOOGLE Portuguese Search Engine

  • Sapo: Portuguese Search Engine
  • AngloInfon Portugal
  • UNI Portuguese Program
  • Syvum Brasil -- E-learning e educação interativa

  • Portuguese links from the Univ. of No. Iowa
    My University / Jim Becker, Webmaster
  • All the news from Brasil/GOOGLE
  • All the news from Portugal/GOOGLE
  • Songs in Portuguese for Children
  • The BBC Portuguese Site

  • Language Quest books, video, software & audio
  • English to Portuguese translators and interpreters
  • CDs, Audio Tapes, Etc.
  • English Course for Native Portuguese Speakers

    The Country of Portugal

    The name "Portugal" derives from a Roman or pre-Roman settlement called Portus Cale (the modern city of Porto) near the mouth of the Douro River. The Romans referred to this region as the province of Lusitania, and the prefix Luso (meaning "Portuguese") is still used in some contexts. Portugal occupies the western part of the Iberian Peninsula and is slightly smaller than Indiana. The country is crossed by three large rivers that rise in Spain, flow into the Atlantic, and divide the country into three geographic areas.
  • Tourism in Portugal
  • Introducing Portugal via Lonely Planet
  • CIA Facts on Portugal
  • Wikigtravel for Portugal
  • Official information on Portugal
  • The Culture of Portugal

  • Awesome photos of Portugal
  • Portugal - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
  • Things that you need to know about Portugal and the Portuguese

    Miscellaneous Sites

  • Six sites for your consideration
  • Harvard Language Resources
  • Great Help from Canada
  • All About The Portuguese Language
  • Software for Translation

    Portuguese Dictionaries

  • Online Talking Dictionary
    Dictionarist currently provides translations for dozens of new languages
  • Moderno Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa
  • Dicionários da Língua Portuguesa
  • Portuguese Dictionaries
  • Portuguese online dictionaries
  • English to Portuguese Dictionary
  • English/Portuguese Dictionary
  • English-Portuguese Picture Dictionary
  • Alpha for Portuguese
  • Dicionário do Internetês
  • Portuguese Online Dictionary
  • Useful Words and Expressions from SmartPhrase

    Learning Portuguese Verbs and Grammar

  • The Top Ten Portuguese Verbs conjugated for you right here
  • Learn the Verbs Conjugation Online
  • Want to learn Portuguese verbs?
  • The Simplest Way to Learn Portuguese Verbs
  • Portuguese Word Lists and Verbs
  • Gramática da Língua Portuguesa
  • Descriptive Grammar of the Portuguese Language.
  • Portuguese grammar from ---Very nice with sound
  • Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Guide
  • Portuguese Grammar Guide/Wikipedia
  • Gramática da Lingua Portuguesa
  • Gramática da Lingua Portuguesa/Languagecourse
  • Lingua Portuguesa On-Line
  • Portuguese Alphabet and Pronunciation Guide
  • Portuguese Language Resources/U of Arizona
  • A listing of Universities in US teaching Portuguese
  • The Portuguese Language

  • Just Portuguese/ Nice site!
  • Dutch Portuguese Colonial History
  • Portuguese Language Courses
  • Student Letter Exchange: Pen Pals Service
  • Learning Portuguese/Lots of helpful links here
  • Multilingual translation dictionary - Powerful and multifaceted
  • World Lingo Online Translator

    Agora em Português
  • A língua portuguesa
  • The site above in English
  • Nossa Língua Portuguesa
  • Língua Portuguesa On-Line
  • Nossa Língua Portuguesa
    ---Aqui você encontra tabelas sobre os
    mais variados temas de português
  • On-line radio broadcasts in Portugues
  • Bússola Escolar - Língua Portuguesa
  • Library of Congress on Portugal
  • Aprenda um pouco mais sobre "Nossa Língua"
  • Portuguese Idioms
  • Links from GOOGLE

    Foods from the Portuguese speaking world

  • Portuguese: Food & Drink Vocabulary
  • All about Portuguese food via Wikipedia

  • The food of Portugal
  • 223 great food recipes from Portugal
  • Recipes for Portuguese cooking
  • An Introduction to Portuguese Cuisine

  • The Wines of Portugal: A world of difference


  • Check out Jim's Travel Websites
    Everything you need to make your trip special

    Did you know that...Você soube aquele->
    1. Portuguese is the 6th language of the world, soon to be
    the 2nd of the American hemisphere.
    2. Portuguese is the 2nd most geographic European language after English.
    3. More people speak Portuguese than French, German, Italian or Japanese.
    4. Brazil covers one half of the area of South America and
    is the 2nd industrial power of the Americas and is the 8th economy of the world.
    5. Portugal was the first European empire after Rome.
    6 . If you speak a Romance language you can learn Portuguese even faster.
    7. 1.3 million americans are native speakers of Portuguese.
    8. Portugal is the sister language and culture to Spain and France.
    9. Portuguese is easy to learn for English speakers and
    for students of Spanish and French.
    10. There are only two genders in the language: masculine and feminine.
    11. Portuguese is NOT a difficult language to learn.

  • Welcome to Our Portugal
  • Best Places to Visit in Portugal/neat site
  • An Open Directory on Portugal
  • Portugal by Lonely Planet
  • A listing of all Universities in Portugal

    Maps of Portugal

    Can you locate Beja, Coimbra and Braga?

  • Embassy World Maps of Portugal/Rich!
  • Nice Map of Portugal
  • Yahoo Travel Map of Portugal
  • CIA Map of Portugal
  • Maps of Portugal
  • Lonely Planet Map of Portugal
  • Map from

    - I'd like to be sleeping in Faro -

  • Don't miss this classic video
    Two dogs dining in a busy restaurant
    Dois cães jantando em um restaurante movimentado

    Hang on tight everyone. Here come the train.

    How do you say I am totally lost in Portuguese?

  • White Storks on Cape Sardao Portugal

  • Websites for learning Brazilian Portuguese
  • Websites for learning Portuguese
  • FADO, the soul of Portugal
  • 5 Horas de Música Popular Portugues
  • Brazil Pod
    Portuguese Communication Video Clips.A compilation of brief video clips in which native speakers of Portuguese from various locations throughout Brazil and Portugal demonstrate various language tasks.
  • Portuguese Topics
    From Talk Talk. A listing of helpful sites for learning Portuguese

  • My Languages
    Dozens of great Portuguese vocabulary builders and many with sound.
  • The 10 best resources for achieving fluency in Portuguese
    On this page I've compiled the resources that I have found to be most useful for those teaching themselves Brazilian Portuguese. These are the best of the best; I only recommend materials that I actually own and that have helped me reach my Portuguese goals. - Lauren Steely

  • The Language Gulper
    A neat NEW find with detailed descriptions of the main languages of the world in a clear, concise way. Its scope is not only living languages but also ancient ones of historical or cultural importance. So far, "The Language Gulper" includes 131 individual language pages, 40 about families and branches and 8 about linguistic areas. These two have an insatiable appetite for ancient and modern tongues. 2013 Alejandro Gutman and Beatriz Avanzati

  • Practice Portuguese Vocabulary
    Within each category, place your cursor over an image to hear it pronounced aloud.

  • Now learn the Metric System
    A useful link for making conversions.

  • Lingo Hut
    Build your Portuguese vocabulary here with sound. Lots of great review here.

  • Neojogos
    Os jogos mais novos. Colorir / Habilidade / Meninas / Variados etc.

  • Portuguese Language Level Test - 50 questions
    Give it a try and see where you come out.

  • Portuguese Flashcards
    Teach yourself Portuguese using Flashcards. A wide variety to choose from.

    360 Cities
    A really cool site that takes you all over the world to view close up and with 360 degree views with just your Mouse. Just move it L or R for a 360 scan.

    Places to see before you die
    The most beautiful places in the entire world. Super photos for you to enjoy.

  • The Portuguese Internet Polyglot
    Internet Polyglot is dedicated to helping members learn foreign languages by providing a way to memorize words and their meanings. This site helps your memory to grasp more information and retain it for longer time. Access to all pages is free. Neat new site w/sound too!

  • The Top Nine Portuguese Website

  • English-Portuguese Picture Dictionary
    Common Phrases. This is a New Site and is quite neat. Just touch a letter of the alphabet and you can learn dozens of new words with their pictures. Great for building vocabulary.

  • Learn Portuguese Quickly Online
    There are many free and non-free online resources that solve the dilemma of how to learn Portuguese quickly. Today you get a round-up of those tools.

  • Learn Brazilian Portuguese Online
    Brazilian Portuguese lessons for beginners and kids, learn to speak Portuguese from Home or at School. You will find a conjugator for all Portuguese verbs and an English Portuguese Dictionary.

  • Language Guide for Portuguese
    This is one great site for building both vocabulary and grammar skills.
    Within each category, place your cursor over an image to hear it pronounced aloud.
    A Webmaster Choice Site

  • A Ton of Word Game Drills for Portuguese Vocabulary
    A wide wide variety of topics for having fun with Portuguese words.
    A Webmaster Choice Site

  • Learn Portuguese Online for Free
    Select the phrases that you want to learn from the list on the right. These cover a wide variety of Portuguese topics, including the numbers in Portuguese, Portuguese days, Portuguese greetings and the months in Portuguese. All the phrases have audio recorded by a native speaker.
    This is one great new "find" and the sound enhances the resource. Be sure to give it a try.
    A Webmaster Choice Site

  • How to learn Portuguese Fast
    This is by no means a complete guide or certified method of learning a language. It is however Thomas Hals' own personal experience and he can tell you it has made a great difference to him. Above all it is important to make the learning experience fun - it should never become a chore.
    You will find lots of additional information on this site: books, movies, etc.

  • Street Smart Brazil
    Brazilian Portuguese Lessons & Intercultural Coaching. Learn Portuguese in a fun and simple way.

  • Portuguese Language Directory
    A tremendous new FIND with dozens of helpful links for learning Portuguese.
    You will find lists of dictionaries, grammar aids, language schools, resources and translations.
  • Seu livro online de pinturas infantis para colorir
    Lots of fun for younger students here.You can spend hours and hours on this site.

  • Hogos Gratis XL
    Jogos de Meninas.Jogos de Esporte.
  • Lyric Gap
    A fun method to learn and improve your Portuguese through music and typing in song lyrics that are missing. O Jogo by A Banda de Poi
    Search cities in Brazil
    Search cities in Portugal
  • Learn Portuguese
    From the BBC
    Alphabet, sounds, facts, weather, a guide to the language and more.
  • A Super New FIND
    Quizlet Portuguese Flashcard Sets
    Vocabulary drills and quizzes on many aspects of the language.
  • Learn Portuguese via YouTube
    1,650 results!
  • A Great Map of Interactive Brazil
    A closeup view of all portions of Brazil
    This source will let you explore 7 million world places.
  • A Great Map of Interactive Portugal
    A closeup view of all portions of Portugal
    This source will let you explore 7 million world places.
  • English-Portuguese Vocabulary Quizzes
    Quizzes to Help You Learn and Review Portuguese Vocabulary
  • A Portuguese Mobile Translator
    I seem to collect translators BUT this one is really different.
    I give it a TOP WEBMASTER'S CHOICE as it is well done and accurate.
    English to many languages. Don't miss it. It can do your homework for you.

    Hundreds of photos of cities and landscapes in the world pictures in Panoramio. A great addition to all language sites above. Choose the country then the specific areas or cities.
  • Grupos Yahoo for Portuguese
    We can discuss learning English or Portuguese, pronunciation, vocabulary, any grammar topic, culture, travel, schools, books and dictionaries.
  • Greetings, Numbers, Time and More
    24 different categories for improving your vocabulary.
  • Free multilingual online dictionary
    English Spanish French Portuguese German Italian Swedish
  • Learn Languages Online
    <An online guide to free foreign language lessons and tutorials for Portuguese.

  • Hebraico Fácil
    Então você quer aprender hebraico?
    (Um site retirado do meu melhores sites japoneses)

  • Want to view the rest of my Best Japanese Websites?
    One of my all-time favorites:
  • Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1
    - A must view at least once a month. jeb

  • Learn Portuguese Words in a Wink of an Eye

    Celebrate Portuguese

  • American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
  • 2010 AATSP Executive Council Members

  • Maplandia for Portugal from GOOGLE
    Portugal Google Satellite map that maps Portugal locations. enables you to explore everywhere in Portugal through detailed satellite imagery - fast and easy as never before. Try it... it is an awesome site.

  • Text to speech translator
    A powerful and fun site with sound and a variety of portuguese voices/TRY IT!
    "This may be one of my all-time favorite sites." Jim B your webmaster here.

  • A ton of facts on Brazil - Read on here

    The Culture of Brazil

    Brazilian culture is one of the most fascinating in the world. The only Portuguese speaking country in South America, Brazilian culture has managed to blend elements of many diverse cultures into one incredible mix that is unique in its uninhibited flair and passionate way of life. For centuries Brazil has symbolized a bold escape into a primordial, tropical paradise, igniting the Western imagination like no other South American country. From the intense passion of Carnaval to the immensity of the Amazon jungle, it is a country of mythic proportions and staggering natural beauty, with stretches of unexplored rainforest, islands with pristine tropical beaches, dramatic coastlines and endless rivers.
  • The Culture of Brazil via Wikipedia
  • The National Psyche in Brazil
  • Celebrate Brazil Culture, Brazilian Food and Life in Brazil
  • Learn the Culture of Brazil
  • Brazil - Brazilian Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette

    Portuguese Tutorial Lessons
    A great means to improve your Portuguese online

  • Learn to Speak Portuguese Onlilne here w/grammar/vocab. and more
  • Babylon Portuguese Translation
    Become a true multilingual speaker by using our online Portuguese translator. Translate Portuguese words and phrases into many languages with one simple search.
  • Learn Portuguese Words Free Online
    From the Language Learning Library

  • Portuguese Language Guide
    Learn how to express yourself when you get a portuguese speaking country. Numbers, vowels, colors, directions, professions, body parts and more, in the Portuguese language.
  • Great Photos of Portugal
  • The Wall Street Journal in Portuguese
  • Portuguese Times Newspaper
  • El Globo
  • Huffington Post on Portugal NEWS

  • Maplandia for Brazil from GOOGLE
    Brazil Google Satellite map that maps Brazil locations. enables you to explore everywhere in Brazil through detailed satellite imagery - fast and easy as never before. Try it... it is an awesome site.

  • CNN News about Brazil
  • Brazzil Magazine
  • Learn some history on Brazil
  • Now learn more on the culture of Brazil
  • Tipping and Etiquette in Brazil
  • Getting to Know Brazil Celebrities
  • Great Photo Listing of Brazil
  • News from Brazil from the BBC
  • Resources and information on regional and country media in Brazil

  • Yahoo Brasil
  • Yahoo info on Brazil
  • Take a WorldWise Travel Quiz on Rio from National Geographic
  • Univ. of Texas LANIC Site on Brazil
  • CIA Factbook on Brazil
  • Info Please on Brazil
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Embassy World Maps of Brazil/Rich!
  • Map of Brazil
  • Lonely Planet Map of Brazil
  • Library of Congress on Brazil
  • Wikipedia on Brazil

    "If we hang around much longer Donkey, we'll be speaking Portuguese"

    "Many sites right below us here are great Shrek, and they're free too."

  • And with this great site we can learn dozens more.

  • The Beautiful Countryside of Portugal

    "Monolingualism Can Be Cured"

    Let's get busy and learn some Portuguese now

    With Jim's Homepage...
    Shrek can leap over donkeys in sixteen languages
  • ==>Jim's 16 Languages Homepage

    And with this great site we can learn dozens more.

  • I am not sure of what I am seeing.

    River Avon in winter Worcestershire England

  • Here is a recent discovery that will thrill most folks interested in world languages.
    Mama Lisa's World

    Children's Songs in Portuguese from Portugal

    Children's Songs in Portuguese from Brazil


    English to Portuguese or Portuguese to English

    Google Translation Services
    The one Jim recommends most highly.
    World Lingo
    On Line Translator

    Tap tap tap...

    Quem está lá?


    Jim's Multilanguage Mainsite Page

    Helpful Portuguese teacher hints, advice and tips

    I know from my own experience that being on a continual path of self-improvement is an absolute necessity toward be a good teacher. Hang out with other educators that you admire. Watch them closely and learn from them. Imitation is the greatest compliment! Join your language association (AATSP - plus two foreign language teacher associations (state and national: ACTFL- ( and attend their annual meetings on a regular basis. Get involved anyway you can with each. Rub noses with people at the TOP. Get to know the officers personally. Keep in contact with them. Use these association offerings, suggestions and resources.

    Whenever you can in your own environment, ask to observe colleagues in action in their classroom. Pick up ideas that work for them and adopt and adapt them to you own classroom. Always be on the "lookout" for new ideas, new means of teaching, new ways to incorporate things that work for others into your own methodology. Don't hesitate to ask questions of teachers who have had much success as to how and why that happened. I used to observe elementary teachers and how they interacted with their young students. Always something to learn. "Learn from the mistakes of others. You'll never live long enough to make all of them yourself." Another that I always loved is "If you think you're green, you'll grow - if you think you're ripe, you'll rot." All true. Don't rot! That's an axiom that will never grow old. You may think that you are the best, but you're not. There is always someone better than you. (I learned this playing basketball) Learn from them. Know what the best practices are and be aware of the current online resources that can be of great help to you and your students.

    Keep your classroom presentations FRESH. Keep up with innovation and the changing needs of your students by incorporating technology such as computer use, iPhones, iPads, e-mail and a host of other innovations into your routine classroom activities to communicate with others in the target language and to access authentic resources. Stay current with options and trends in the field such as the National Standards and know how to incorporate them into your daily plans. Hopefully these few ideas will aid in your growth and success. Stay with it. Don't throw in the towel like many have, but again as I point out above, whatever new ideas you discover, you must first adopt and then adapt. Not everything you see elsewhere will work for you as I have personally learned. You must adapt those ideas to your own classroom. There are a host of great ideas available on all these sites, but they are only as successful as you will make them. And perhaps most important of all, do ask your students often how they feel about what they are doing and learning and what they enjoy the most and the least in your classroom. Most of all, do enjoy your students and share yourself with them. [They don't care how much you know until they know how much you CARE] I hope that you picked up some ideas here that will aid in your total success. Have fun in your classroom. (ps I picked up these ideas in a recent dream and wanted to share with each of you) I'm 72 but never too old to learn and never too old to share ideas. Best yet, why not be learning another language yourself? Check out one of the sites above. It is a great means to experience first-hand what your students are feeling. Now you are "walking in their shoes." Don't forget to have FUN doing it. jeb BA, MA, ABD

    So choose one of these countries, go there and learn Portugugese. You'll be glad you did.