Office of Academic Assessment











 Why do assessment?  Let us count the ways . . .

  1.  Improve student learning.
  2.  Identify specific areas for program/course development.
  3.  Strengthen courses and curricula.
  4.  Define connections between program and course outcomes.
  5.  Set benchmarks for student performance.
  6.  Increase student motivation.
  7.  Gain ideas and information to assist with student advising.
  8.  Encourage faculty conversation and dialogue.
  9.  Satisfy curiosities and answer questions.
  10.  Investigate teaching methods and strategies.
  11.  Document student achievements.
  12.  Recognize faculty successes.
  13.  Celebrate accomplishments.
  14.  Collect information to attract potential students.
  15.  Create a track record of program growth and development.
  16.  Analyze and respond to trends.
  17.  Enhance strategic planning.
  18.  Gather data to support budget proposals.
  19.  Strengthen decision making processes.
  20.  Develop resources that could help with grant applications.


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