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NSSE Administration at UNI


The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) has been administered through the Office of Academic Assessment since the spring semester of 2006. 


UNI provides a database with names and e-mail addresses of first-year and senior students; NSSE sends invitations and reminders to the students, beginning in early February.  The survey is completed on the Web; UNI receives data and reports for the survey administration in September.


NSSE data are used by the UNI Diversity Council, the First-Year Council, Advising Services, the University Writing Committee, the UNI Strategic Planning Committee, and other groups on campus. NSSE results are used, along with other data, for assessment of learning in the Liberal Arts Core at UNI. 


The most current data is from administration of the survey in Spring 2014. NSSE was sent to 1459 first-year students and 3347 seniors.  Three hundred fifty-eight first-year students (25%) and seven hundred thirty-nine seniors (22%) responded, for an overall response rate of 23%.  NSSE data collected during Spring 2015 will be available in Fall 2015.


Selected highlights of NSSE data can be found at by clicking here.


For specific information on results from NSSE surveys, use UNI CatID to access (multi-year information) and (interactive database) or check with the Office of Institutional Research.



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