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National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)


NSSE ("nessie") stands for the National Survey of Student Engagement.  NSSE has been administered through the Office of Academic Assessment at UNI every spring since the 2005-2006 school year. 


NSSE was originally identified for use at UNI to examine student learning outcomes related to the goals of the Liberal Arts Core.  Beyond its use for the LAC, NSSE provides data on student experiences and perceptions that can be useful to a wide range of academic and student affairs departments and offices across campus.


The links below provide an overview of NSSE and its use at UNI, as well as access to data from past NSSE surveys.


NSSE Administration at UNI


NSSE in the UNI College Portrait Page (See Student Experiences/Perceptions)


2014 Quick Facts for UNI


NSSE Data for UNI (Use CAT ID to enter this page.)


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