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The funding provided through the assessment mini-grants, up to $500 per funded project, is most suitable for short-term, small-scale projects.  Matching or supplemental funding from the department may be used to add to what is supplied through the mini-grant.   Mini-grants are intended to encourage examination of potential approaches to assessment, rather to supplement or provide funding for ongoing, established assessment strategies.  Descriptions of the uses of mini-grant funding will be included in the grant application and in the final report for the grant project.  Funds must be expended by no later than June of the funding year.


The list below suggests some possible uses of grant funding.  Use of funds is subject to college and university regulations and requirements.  If you have questions about allowable expenditures, please contact Sue Jordan in the Office of Academic Assessment, 273-2778.


Grant funding can be used for:


•Costs for printing and mailing of assessment instruments

•Purchase of assessment texts

•Purchase of instruments or software for assessment of student learning

•Incentives for students  or other participants (e.g., employers, alumni) to complete or participate in assessment activities

•Costs for data input or analysis

•Stipends for faculty evaluation of student work (e.g., portfolios, papers, project) done during non-work hours

•Wages for student workers or temporary staff to assist with assessment projects/activities

•Costs for web page design

•Costs for travel to another campus in order to consult with colleagues about assessment procedures or strategies they have used and which you are considering

•Honoraria for on-campus visits by colleagues or others who could add information and expertise for department assessment planning processes  

•Funding for retreats for departmental strategic planning and goal-setting


Funds cannot be used for:


•Payment for faculty release time

•Projects related to assessment of student learning in a section or sections of an individual course within an academic major

•Food for regular, ongoing departmental meetings or committee meetings


After receiving assessment grant funding:


•Project leaders for funded projects will be asked for an account number for transfer of funds.

•The project leader will be responsible for keeping expenses within the budget outlined with the grant application and making sure there are appropriate records and documentation of expenditures. 

•A final expense report should be submitted by e-mail, as an attached file, to the Office of Academic Assessment by the end of the fiscal year.  This report will consist of the budget page of the application form with final expenses inserted and the total amount spent noted.  Records and documentation of expenditures will remain with the office dispersing the funds.

Funding that is not used will be returned to the Office of Academic Assessment.


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