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•Use the Word file provided to fill out the application form.


Name the file using the semester, the name of the program or department for the proposal and the name of the project leader—e.g., S23physicschancey. 


•Keep the total application, including budget and cover page to no longer than five pages, using font no smaller than 10 point. 


•Note that application cover page for funded projects will be posted on the web page for the Office of Academic Assessment.


•Share your mini-grant proposal with the appropriate Department Head(s) and College Dean(s) and ask them to e-mail the Office of Academic Assessment with their acknowledgement that they have read and approve of the proposed mini-grant funded project.  Applications will not be considered complete without these letters of support.


Submit your application by e-mail as an attached file, sending it to the Office of Academic Assessment. 


•If you have questions about a potential project or the application process, feel free to contact Donna Vinton, Director of Academic Assessment, or any member of the Student Outcomes Assessment Committee


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