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Information on Proficiency Profile for Seniors, Spring 2013







Proficiency Profile


Proficiency Profile is a standardized test from Educational Testing Services (ETS); the test was formerly called Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress, or MAPP. A primary use of MAPP/Proficiency Profile at UNI is for the assessment of student learning in the Liberal Arts Core.  The abbreviated form of the test has been administered at UNI since 2004, when it was first pilot-tested. Proficiency Profile is administered through the Office of Academic Assessment.


Proficiency Profile data are also used for the student learning outcomes section of the UNI College Portrait.  Proficiency Profile is one of three standardized tests approved by the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA) for use in the College Portrait.


The links below provide an overview of Proficiency Profile and of its use at UNI, as well as access to data from past administrations of this test.



Some Basic Information on Proficiency Profile



History of the Use of Proficiency Profile at UNI



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