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The Learning Portfolio:

A Tool for Student Engagement and Inquiry


A Day of Conversation With John Zubizarreta


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


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2010 CASE/Carnegie Outstanding Baccalaureate Colleges

Professor of the Year


Author of The Learning Portfolio:

Reflective Practice for Improving Student Learning


Zubizarreta’s passion is engaging students in reflective learning in the classroom. Instead of focusing solely on content knowledge, students are encouraged to take periodic “reflective learning moments” to think about how they learn and why their learning matters. This strategy encourages students to learn more about themselves as readers, writers and thinkers and has found broad appeal among educators for its proven ability to make learning more meaningful, applicable and durable. (Source: Carnegie Foundation)


He calls this style of teaching "the reflective learning moment"—he wants students not only to think about class material, but also to monitor their own learning. . . ."A lot of time, the process of learning is as important as the final product," he says. "I'm trying to plot a course for learning. I want students to be able to examine how they've acquired the knowledge and see where they are strong and where they are weak, so they can take those lessons with them into the future." (Source: Chronicle of Higher Education)


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This day with Dr. Zubizarreta is sponsored by the Office of Academic Assessment and ITS Educational Technology. For more information, call 319-273-2778 or e-mail the Office of Academic Assessment.




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