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Reviewing the Assessment Plan


Thoughtful, well-written assessment plans provide programs with invaluable information for recruiting students, faculty and staff; seeking financial resources; making budgetary, program, and curricular decisions; highlighting program strengths; and ensuring that the program continues to meet professional standards, workplace demands, and the needs of our student body.


Below are some questions to ask when reviewing your assessment plan, linked to related resources.


Does the plan contain all of the sections outlined for assessment plans in the UNI Student Outcomes Assessment Policy?


Does the plan clearly describe the who-what-how-when-why of the assessment processes for the program?


How well does the plan reflect the six fundamental questions for assessment developed by the Higher Learning Commission?


Has the document for the plan been labeled so that it can easily be identified among other files?


Has the plan been completed and submitted by college, department and institutional deadlines? 


Is the plan a "living document"--i.e., one that is accessible and used?

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