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This spring seniors (those with over 90 semester hours completed) are being asked to complete an online test called the Proficiency Profile, any time between March 27 and April 30. 


What is Proficiency Profile?


Proficiency Profile is a standardized measure of college-level reading, mathematics, writing, and critical thinking in the context of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.  It is not a test of knowledge in these areas, but rather a test of general academic skills.  You access the test online.


How will Proficiency Profile test scores be used?


This test is used to see how well UNI is meeting the goals of the Liberal Arts Core. The test is given to freshmen and seniors at UNI.  The scores of students taking this test are used as a whole to provide UNI with a measure of what students gain from taking the Core courses and to give us ideas about how we can add to student learning in the Core.  Your individual scores will be kept confidential.  They will not be shared with your major department or college.   


Proficiency Profile is just one of the ways that UNI works to put Students First. Information from tests like Proficiency Profile and other ways of gathering information on student learning and student experiences at UNI help faculty and staff understand what students want and need.  When they know that, they can improve current programs and services—both inside and outside of the classroom—as well as develop new programs and services.  


What could I win if my name is drawn for a prize?


Seniors invited to take Proficiency Profile are grouped by college/area of study (College of Business Administration, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, College of Natural Sciences, College of Education, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies).  There will be a prize drawing for each college/group.


    If a minimum of 50 scores above the 10th percentile (425) are received from the invitations given to seniors from a college/group, a drawing will be held for a Nook eReader.


If fewer than 50 scores above the 10th percentile (425) are received from a college/group, a drawing from the names of seniors completing the test will be held for a $50 gift certificate from University Book and Supply.

Names of seniors who complete the test by midnight April 30 will be entered into the drawings.  Winning students will be notified through their UNI e-mail on Monday of finals week.


Special Prizes/Early Awards:


Pre-paid cap and gown (over $30 value) to the first 25 seniors who complete Proficiency Profile by midnight, Sunday, April 10 and score 450 or above (above the 50th percentile).  Winning students will be notified by April 14.  Students who win will still be eligible for the college/group drawings.


You will know your score when you complete the test.



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