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Take MAPP/Proficiency Profile

And Get a Chance to WIN PRIZES!


 The test will be available through

Sunday, October 10.


Twenty $10 gift cards for any UNI food service or retail site

  • Five $20 gift cards for any UNI food service or retail site

  • One $50 gift certificate for University Book and Supply


Students completing the test will be entered into a drawing for prizes!

 Chances of winning are approximately 1 in 15!


What is Proficiency Profile?


MAPP stands for Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress.  The test, which is also called Proficiency Profile, is a measure of college-level reading, mathematics, writing, and critical thinking in the context of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.  It is not a test of knowledge in these areas, but rather of a test of general academic skills.


To see what MAPP is like, see some sample questions and their answers by going to


Where do I go to take this test?


MAPP/Proficiency Profile is administered online. Using Internet Explorer, go to and enter with the Fall 2010 session number. Your Oral Communication instructor can give you the session number or you can e-mail in the Office of Academic Assessment to ask for the session number. For more detailed directions with pictures of the screens, click here


Why are freshmen asked to take the Proficiency Profile?


This test is used to see how well UNI is meeting the goals of the Liberal Arts Core. The test is given to freshmen and seniors at UNI.  A freshman is any student who has not yet completed 30 semester hours of credit. The scores of students taking this test are used as a whole to provide UNI with a measure of what

students gain from taking LAC courses and to give us ideas about how we can add to student learning in the Core.  


Who will see my scores?


Your individual score will be kept confidential.  They will not be provided to your major department or college or be used toward your grade in the course for which you took the test. Only staff in the Office of Academic Assessment will see your score on the test.


How is information from Proficiency Profile used at UNI?


Information from the test helps UNI put students first by showing the skills students have when they enter the university and how much they have added to their skills by the time they graduate. This sort of information helps faculty and staff make decisions about courses, assignments and activities that will help prepare students for success at UNI and after they graduate.   


Will I find out how I did on the test?


You will get your test score at the end of the test.  Scores for the test range from 400 to 500.  The table below allows you to compare your score with those of other freshmen across the United States:


Percentile Rank

Score for freshman

with no credit hours completed

Score for freshman with

fewer than 30 credit hours completed

90th  percentile



75th percentile



50th percentile



25th percentile




For more information on MAPP/Proficiency Profile or on ways that UNI works to gather information on student learning and student experiences, you may call the Office of Academic Assessment at 319-273-2778 or click on Information for Students on the menu at the left.

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