Assessment at UNI








Thinking About Assessment


This page provides links to resources for thinking about purposes for doing assessment and to some guidelines for thinking about assessment as a whole.



Some General Guidelines


Principles for Student Outcomes Assessment at UNI


Nine Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning


What is "Good" Assessment? A Variety of Perspectives


Avoiding Assessment Pitfalls


Committing to Quality: Guidelines for Assessment and Accountability



Some Thoughts from Assessment Experts


Assessment as Systematic and Systemic Inquiry (Maki)

The Scholarly Questions of Assessment (Walwoord)

Effective Assessment Planning (Banta)

Characteristics of a Good Assessment  Program (Palomba/Banta)

On Teaching and Assessment



Policies and Statements from the Higher Learning Commission


Student Learning, Assessment and Accreditation

Pathways Values and Criteria Related to Assessment of Student Learning



IRB and Assessment


Does My Project Need IRB Review? (For specific questions about IRB and assessment projects, contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.)



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