Elizabeth Sutton
Assistant Professor of Art
art history

Dr. Elizabeth Sutton earned her MA and and Ph.D in Art History from the University of Iowa specializing in Early Modern Dutch Art. She earned her BA magna cum laude in Art History from Carleton College. 

Dr. Sutton's research interests include the nature and implications of Dutch exploration and trade in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, particularly to West Africa and the Atlantic; the theory of intercultural encounters and exchange; and the emergence of empirical science as related to visual culture, particularly in prints and books. She focuses her research on the representations of Africans in Dutch travel accounts from this period, and is currently writing a manuscript on this topic entitled Graphic Ethnographies: Picturing Africa in the Netherlands, 1590-1690. Her article "Mapping Meaning, Ethnography and Allegory in Netherlandish Cartography" is forthcoming in the journal Itinerario. 

Dr. Sutton was a fellow at the Scaliger Institute at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands in 2008, and is the recipient of the Deans' Distinguished Dissertation Award from the University of Iowa Graduate College for 2009. In addition to her research in the Netherlands, she has recently presented her work in Ghana at the seminar on Africa, Europe, and the Americas, 1500-1700, organized by the Omohundro Institute for Early American Hstory and the International Institute for Advanced Study in Accra. 

When she has any free time, Dr. Sutton enjoys running, cycling, cross-country skiing, and quality time with her husband and animals.

contact <elizabeth.sutton@uni.edu>

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Elizabeth A. Sutton, Early Modern Dutch Prints of Africa (forthcoming) more…http://www.ashgate.com/default.aspx?page=637&calcTitle=1&isbn=9781409439707&lang=cy-GBshapeimage_6_link_0