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Dan Perry
Shop Technician
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Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Dan Perry received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art with a Minor in Mass Communication from Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, IA and earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Serving as the art department Shop Technician since 2007, Dan is a “jack of all trades,” possessing strong technical skills in woodworking, metal working, mold-making, metal casting, plastic casting, and basically any material that can be used to make art. He keeps all of the studios in top shape and makes sure all faculty and students are safe. Dan also teaches courses in the foundations program and sculpture.

Dan’s work is based mostly on his personal experiences and how they are influenced by the social and physical minutiae one encounters daily. The aesthetics of his sculpture originate from an interest in folklore, comics, and toys meshed with his background in a variety of fields from working as a cabinetmaker to serving as a veterinary assistant.

His work has been exhibited regionally and nationally from Texas to Tennessee and Kentucky to Kansas. Notable venues included the Des Moines Art Center, Sioux City Art Center, and Cole Art Center. Recently, Dan’s work was included in the 2010 Texas National Exhibition and he completed a commission to design and build the cauldron for the 2010 National Special Olympics Games.

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Dan Perry
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