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Wendy Miller
Instructor of Art Education
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Wendy Miller earned a BFA in painting in 1998 and an MA in Art Education in 2004 from the University of Iowa. She will complete her PhD in Art Education in 2013. 

She is a Nationally Board Certified art teacher since 2007 and taught elementary art education for ten years in the public schools before coming to UNI.  

She teaches methods of art education courses while working on the newly revised MA in art education program at UNI focusing on socially engaged art practices with practicing art teachers throughout Iowa.  She creates handmade books and collage-mixed media works of art in her free time while also working currently with the House of Hope transitional housing program for homeless mothers and their children.  Miller has presented her work at state and national conventions in areas relating to bookmaking with incarcerated women and girls, using technology with pre-service teachers for reflection, and collaborative artmaking processes.

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Wendy Miller Above and right Handmade book forms by Wendy Miller