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Kenneth Hall
Assistant Professor of Art
painting and drawing

Kenneth Hall teaches painting and drawing at UNI. His previous mini-career in the Coast Guard as a Civil Engineer gives him a unique perspective on art-making; many of his recent images allude to water in various forms (though he was fortunate to make landfall in Iowa two months after the 2008 floods). His BFA was completed at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, and his MFA was earned at Miami University. He has shown his work in Hamburg, Germany, and nationally in Chicago, Cincinnati, and Louisville.

Professor Hall’s paintings and drawings involve fragmented spaces, using the idea of “wormholes” as structures that can transcend time and space to create startling visual effects. He splices abstraction, cultural iconography, and more realistic imagery together in a kind of visual “soup”.   The work often carries several meanings at once, from cultural commentaries to autobiographical struggles to response(s) to tragic events like Hurricane Katrina or suicide bombers. 

Kenneth Hall: “Painting is ultimately about communication. On one end of the spectrum it can function like word or text…on the other, it can be like the creation of another world—full of beauty and chaos. (I like the whole spectrum!) I enjoy the challenge of resisting easy labels or the contemporary trends that proliferate as quickly as mushrooms on a pile of manure. Art can still involve wonder.”  

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Kenneth Hall Kenneth Hall, Just Not in the Mood (right), and Catastrophic(below) Kenneth Hall, Soft Cushy Landing (left), and Destroying Angel (far left)
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