Erica Duffy-Voss
Assistant Professor of Art
jewelry design and metals

Erica Duffy-Voss (BFA University of Michigan, MFA Miami University) teaches Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing and in the Foundations area.  She has exhibited her objects and installations in numerous venues, most notably the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center and Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles.  Her work was featured in the curated exhibition "Equilibrium: Body as Site" published in Metalsmith magazine in 2008, and can also be found in the books 500 Necklaces, 500 Bracelets, and 1,000 Rings.

Professor Voss works primarily with sculptures and objects that respond to the body, simultaneously drawing on and challenging customary notions of jewelry. Her multi-disciplinary approach bridges the fields of craft, design, art, and engineering to address issues of disability and human interaction. For more about her work click here.

In the classroom, she encourages her students to work hard and make as big a mess as possible, while at the same time developing a professional attitude and a critical eye towards their own work.
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Erica Duffy-Voss— 
“Learning is a process, not a product.” Click here
 for videos of Erica Duffy’s kinetic sculptures
Above Solenoid Grid (2004). Mixed media, sound activated kinetic sculpture. 14 x 25 x 25 inches.
Above left Acceptably Fluent (2007). Fabric, foam, PVC plastic, stainless steel, and mixed media. Variable dimensions. The hoses connect from the neck of an individual wearer to the ear of another. As the participants attempt to interact, their voices are delayed and distorted, disrupting communication. Their communication becomes increasingly difficult as the number of people increases..
Above Pins (2006). Mixed media, sound activated kinetic sculpture. 14 x 25 x 25 inches. Sterling silver, steel, magnet wire, electronics, 1.5 x 7 x 4.5 inches. The kinetic feature of this work is that eighteen steel sewing pins strike the wearer on the neck and vocal tract whenever she speaks.
Left Stutter (2004). Video installation [detail].