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Tim Dooley
Associate Professor of Art
printmaking |  foundations

Tim Dooley teaches printmaking and foundations at the University of Northern Iowa. His artwork is primarily known for using printmaking media in an experimental fashion that includes sculptural applications and installations. 

One such installation, Mixed Product, was included in Matrix, Contemporary Printmaking, at Florida State University, 2009. He has also collaborated on an extensive body of artwork with his colleague, Aaron Wilson, that has been shown widely 
around the United States.

In 2008 they worked on a suite of etchings as part of Anchor Graphic’s Artist in Residence Program. One etching from this suite, titled Stryper/Slayer, was featured in Printmaking: Theory and Practice (Prentice Hall, 2008).

Professor Dooley is currently interested in exploiting images, tropes, and concepts that are “worn-out” such as unicorns or skulls. He is attempting to rescue these images from themselves through a maximal and overloaded aesthetic in the work being done collaboratively with Professor Wilson, whilst attempting the same re-animation through a paired-down and minimal approach with his solo work. Click here to see more of his work online.

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Tim Dooley On this page Installation view and details from Mixed Product by Tim Dooley.