Arranged in alphabetical order by last name of alumnus (while in school). We sincerely regret any misinformation or other inadvertent errors. By email, please send us corrections, revisions, additions and updates, including online links and jpegs. It is a challenge to keep up with this, but it’s always interesting. Contact… 

A thru E    F-O    P-Z
Robert Abbott (BA ’85) is senior partner and CEO of Shift Global, an international advertising design firm at <>. 

John Abrahamsen (BFA ‘91) is a furniture designer and craftsman in West Windsor VT, where he owns and operates his own woodworking company.

Chad Allen (BA ‘07) is in the MFA graduate program at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Molly Allison (BA ‘03) earned her law degree at the Lewis and Clark College Northwestern School of Law in 2008, and is now an associate at Smith Freed and Eberhard in Portland OR. You can find out more about her at <>.

Yasmin Almonte Lantz (MA ‘96) teaches painting in the College of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines.

Heather Ames (BFA) is a graphic designer at Mission Creative in Dubuque at <>.

Matt Anderegg (BA ’07) is a graphic designer at Tekneq Design in Cedar Rapids IA. His online portfolio is at <>.

Bob (BA ‘68) and Connie Andersen have for many years operated their own studio pottery called Sunflower Pottery in Pella IA. Their website is at <>.

Doug Appleby (BA ‘99) is Assistant Art Director at August Home Publishing in Des Moines. He also has a photography blog at <>.

Kurt Asa (BA ‘06) is the lead graphic designer at Barmuda Corporation in Cedar Falls IA at <>.

Amy (Backer) Lamp (BA ‘97) is Design Director at the Forty Agency at <> in Phoenix AZ, and Communications Director for the Arizona AIGA. Her online portfolio is at <>.

Brittany (Bagge) Williamson (BA ‘01) later earned an MA in Art Education and teaches at the high school in Hallsville MO.

Katie Baedke (BA ‘06) teaches pottery and sculpture at Boone High School in Boone IA.

Eugene Bahling (BA '63, MA '68) was a member of the art faculty at Edinboro University in Erie PA, until his retirement in 1998. He died in 2008.

Amy Bailey (BA, MA '00) earned her MFA degree in jewelry and metal arts at California College of the Arts and currently teaches at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose CA.

Amber Baker (BA ‘00) is a graphic designer at Drake University in Des Moines. For more information, see <>.

Lewis Balentine (BA ‘95) is the owner of Lewis Balentine Inc., a Chicago-area fitness training company.

Emily (Ball) Russ (BA ‘08) is a graphic designer at RuffaloCody in Cedar Rapids IA. For more information, see <>.

Antoinette Balthazor (BA ‘93) is Creative Director at Cemore Communication in Arlington Heights IL. For more information, see <>.

Li-Ying Bao (MA ‘92) teaches graphic design at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. To see examples of her work, go to <>.

After working as a book designer in San Francisco, then completing an MFA degree at Yale University, Jensen Barnes (BFA ‘03) has moved back to California, where he is working with April Greiman. See <>.His extensive website is at <>.

Jessica Barness (BA ‘99, MA ‘01) is completing an MFA in graphic design at the University of Minnesota.

Darci (Bechen) Moustaert (BFA ‘95) lives in Houston TX, where she is a graphic designer.

Kristyn (Beckman) Hogan (BA ‘07) has moved with her husband to Murfreesboro TN, near Nashville, where she owns an innovative  wedding and lifestyle photography studio. Her work and more information are available at her blog at <>.

Michael Belknap (BA '87) is Art Director for Better Homes and Gardens at Meredith Corporation in Des Moines.

Brian Bemisdarfer (BA '94) is living in the vicinity of Scottsdale AZ, where he is co-owner of Symbolic Interactive at <> and sole proprietor of Bemo Design at <>.

Sharon (Benjamin) Hann (BA ‘58) taught for many years at the Des Moines Area Community College. She has now retired and lives in Denver CO.

Sarah Bergeson (BA ‘07) is living in Cedar Rapids and completing an art education degree at the University of Iowa. For more information, see <>.

Nathan Biehl (BA ‘05) is a senior graphic designer at T8 in Cedar Falls at <>.

William Bisbee (BFA ‘96) is an exhibition technician at the Grout Museum in Waterloo IA at <>.

Mikel Bisbee-Durlan (BA) has completed an MFA degree at the University of South Florida.

Lynda Black-Smith (BA ‘70) teaches art education in the Department of Art at Coe College in Cedar Rapids IA.

Julie (Booze) Houston (BA ‘84) is a senior production artist at Boston Scientific in Minneapolis MN. For more information, see <>.

Aaron Borchers (BA 2007) is a photographer with Caleb Jamin Studios in Ames and Des Moines. His work can be seen at <>.

Karen (Bottjen) Hoyt (BA ‘72) has been an art teacher for 35 years. She recently retired from the co-directorship of the Marion IA Cultural and Entertainment District.

Jim Boulton (BA ‘79) is the owner of two housing construction companies in Colorado Springs CO, Classic Homes at <> and Blindscapes at <>.

Jerilyn Bowers (BA ‘05) is a user interface designer at ProAce in Austin TX. Her online portfolio is at <>.

Jacob Boyd (BA ’07) is the owner of Jake Boyd Photography in Des Moines IA. His website is at <>. 

Shelley Brant Levi (BA ‘94) is art director and concept development director at Great Notions in Dallas TX.

Molly Brauhn (BFA ‘02) completed an MFA degree at the University of Florida, and is now teaching at Arizona Western College in Yuma. Her website is <>.

Howard Brause (BA ‘74) recently retired as an art teacher in the Clarke Community Schools in Ellston IA.

Nicholas Bray (BA ’07) is a graphic designer at Darning Pixels in Waterloo IA at <>.

Tom Brazelton (BA ‘99) works as a web designer for Allied Insurance in West Des Moines IA. He is also very much involved in online comics, and, since 2002, he has been writing and drawing a popular online comic called Theater Hopper at <>. For more information, see <> and his blog at <>.

Andrea Breunlin (BA ‘08) is a graphic designer at Pepper Global in Chicago at <>.

Jill Brimeyer (BA ‘04) is a graphic designer and art director at Meyocks Group in Des Moines IA. Her online portfolio is at <>.

John Brown (BA ‘56), a UNI alumnus who was also on the art faculty in the 1970s, lives and works as an artist in Key Largo FL.

Erich Brus (BFA ‘06) is Communications and Design Manager at State Public Policy Group Inc. (SPPG) in Des Moines at <>.

Sharon Burns-Knutson (BA ‘70) has retired after teaching for 37 years at Lemme Elementary School in Iowa City. For more information, see <>.

Todd Calfee (BA ‘05) is a graphic designer at Intergraphic in Cape Coral FL at <>.

Justin Campoy (MA ‘02) is teaching at Bronx College in New York. To find out more, go to <>.

Carolyn Carpenter (BA ‘92, MA ‘94) is Manager of the Phelps Youth Pavilion, a hands-on children’s art museum at the Waterloo Center for the Arts in Waterloo IA at <>.

Patrick Carr (BA ‘88) is a graphic designer and photographer at E.C. Schultz Printing in Chicago.

Emily Chace (BFA ‘07) is a graphic designer at Pearson Educational in Cedar Rapids.

Amanda Chan (BA ‘07) was in China for a year following graduation, then worked as an interactive designer in New York. She is now a web designer for the prominent internet newspaper, the Huffington Post in New York. Her online portfolio is at <>.

Bruce Charlesworth (BA '72) is a photographer, performance and video artist, whose work is internationally known. He is on the art faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Sarah Childers (BA ‘08) is a graphic and web designer at Coldwell Banker Commercial World Group in Omaha NE. Her online portfolio is at <>.

Gillian Christy Preston (BFA ‘02) is a sculptor in Providence RI. She recently completed a public sculpture titled Embrace as an urban community symbol for a neighborhood in Providence. Her website is at <>.

Marcus Claire (BA) is a high art instructor at West Central Valley Community Schools in Des Moines.

Kate (Clark) Henderson (BA) has recently been hired as the online instructional designer at Indian Hills Community College.

Tiffany Clausen (BA ‘01) is an elementary school art teacher in the Cedar Rapids School District.

Aaron Clutts (BA ‘95) lives in Des Moines, where he is art director at Dee Zee Manufacturing, a truck accessories firm, and also works as a freelance graphic designer. 

Shannon Cody (BA ‘99) completed an MA in Art History at the University of Iowa in 2003, and later, an MA in Library and Information Science. She now works as an image curator at that university’s School of Art and Art History.

Mandy Conway (BA) is a graphic designer at Creative Impact LLC in Waterloo IA.

Ryan Cosgrove (BA ’07) is a graphic designer at Spinutech in Cedar Falls at <>. 

(Robert) Keith Courtney (BA '70, MA '71) is an artist in Iowa City. His collection of art works, correspondence and other documentation related to a project called "Notes from All Over" (1971-1995) is in Special Collections at the University of Iowa Libraries.

Anne Craig (BA ’07) is a marketing assistant at Bridge View Center in Iowa City IA.

Josh Crain (BFA ‘04) is a graphic designer at Spinutech in Cedar Falls at <>.

Andrew Crooks (BFA ‘05) completed his MFA in photography at the University of New Mexico and is now teaching English in Japan. His website is at <>.

Alex Cue (BA ‘07) is a freelance graphic designer in Waterloo IA. His online portfolio is at <>.

Tom Culbertson (BA ‘92) is Creative Director at Mission Creative in Dubuque IA <>.

Rebecca Cummins (BFA ‘79) teaches photography at the University of Washington in Seattle. For more information, see <>.

Joy Curtis (BA ‘99) earned an MFA at Ohio State University in 2002, and currently lives in Brooklyn NY. In 2009, her work was featured in a solo exhibition at the Klaus van Nichtssagend Gallery in Brooklyn. She has a video art blog at <>. Her work is available online at <>.

Dennis Dake (MA ‘69) is an Emeritus Professor of Art and Design at Iowa State University in Ames, where his long-term research interest is in art and the brain, especially neuroesthetics. See <>.

Lori Dale (BA ‘97, MA ‘01) is a pre-college advisor at the Association for Education Excellence in St Louis MO.

Valerie Dale (BA ‘07) teaches art at Seckman High School in St. Louis MO.

Alan Daniel (BA '93) is a prepress manager at Rush Press in San Diego CA.

Dean Dass (BA ‘78) is a printmaking professor at the McIntire Department of Art at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. For more information see <>.

Sandra [Daulton] Shaughnessy (BFA ‘81) is a Minneapolis-based ceramic artist who exhibits at the Northern Clay Center. Her website is at <>

Scott Dawald (BA ‘91) is a senior designer at Populous at <>, an international architectural design firm in Kansas City MO.

Lincoln Decklever (BA ‘03) is a Des Moines-area graphic designer.

Nathan DeKlotz (BA ‘96) works as an interface designer at Geonetric in Cedar Rapids IA at <>.

Brent DePaepe (BA ‘03) is the proprietor of Red Zipper Design in Albuquerque NM. Examples of his work are online at <>.

Jessica (Deverell) Ward (BA ‘04) is a graphic designer at BDI Signs and Graphic Design in Grimes IA.

Nick Dideriksen (BA ‘07) is a systems technician at Tech Team Global in Waterloo IA at <>.

Matt Dirkx (BA ‘02) is a web designer at Trilix Marketing Group in Des Moines. His online portfolio is at <>.

Noah Doely (BFA) is an artist in San Diego. Examples of his current work can be found at <> and <>.

Darci Doherty (BA ‘07) is a graphic designer in New York.

John Dopita (BFA ‘94) is senior designer at visual attraction/distraction in Orlando FL. His website is at <>.

Emily (Burger) Dougherty (BA ‘03) teaches art at Poyner Elementary School in Evansdale IA.

Seth Drenner (BA ‘99) has taught letterpress printing and illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA since 2004. His website is at <>. He also belongs to a letterpress and design community at <>.
Walt Dubbeld lives in Huntington IN, where he is a metalwork artist, and is involved in regional historical research.

Chris Dupont (BA) is an art teacher at Prairie High School in Cedar Rapids IA.

Sarah Dukes (BA ‘05) is a graphic designer at John Deere and Company in Waterloo.

Karl-Heinz Einberger (BA '95) is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany. His online vita is at <>.

Janell (Edwards) Cannavo (BFA ’00) resides in Dubuque IA and is a Senior Graphic Designer at Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, an industry leader of PreK-College inquiry-based curricula. She continues to create oil paintings and exhibit her work, and was recently recognized in Dubuque’s Telegraph Herald’s HER magazine. Her website is at <>.

After working for design firms for many years, Susan (Ehrlich) Sprague (BFA ‘96) now owns her own freelance company in Ankeny IA. Her online portfolio is at <>.

Matt Ellison (BA ‘93) is head designer for Hawkeye sports marketing at the University of Iowa.

Tim Embretson (BFA ‘08) is a graphic designer at Stonearch Creative in Minneapolis. His online portfolio is at <>.

Thaddeus Erdahl (BA, BFA ‘04) recently completed his MFA degree in ceramics at the University of Florida in Gainesville. His work was featured prominently in the August 21, 2009, issue of Pulse magazine, in connection with an exhibition of his ceramic sculpture at the Waterloo (IA) Center for the Arts. His website is at <>.

Laura Ernst (BA ‘05) lives in Baltimore MD, where she is a performer specializing in juggling, aerial silks and flood light poi. In 2007, she won first place at the World Juggling Federation, and is recognized as one of the top female jugglers in the world. For films of her performances, visit her website at <>. 

Taylor Evans (BA ‘07) lives in Knoxville IA. He has a music webzine at <http;//> and a web page at <>.
Charles Adelman (Art History) was recently a co-curator with UNI Gallery Director Darrell Taylor of an exhibition of selected works from the UNI Permanent Collection of Art, for which he gave a public lecture and collaborated on an exhibition catalog. His students and he are in process of preparing a printed catalog about the entire collection. More…

Roy R. Behrens (Graphic Design) has compiled and designed a major new book titled Camoupedia: A Compendium of Research on Art, Architecture and Camouflage (2009). He was also designated a Distinguished Scholar by the UNI Graduate College. In recent months, his writings have been featured in scholarly journals and books in Spain, Turkey, England, Germany and the US. He presented lectures at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. More…

Jeffery Byrd (Department Head and Performance Art) presented works at the Open Arts Center in Beijing, China as well as the Galleria Centro Provincial de las Artes Plasticas, Camagüey, Cuba.  Stateside, he performed at the Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn NY, and at Mobius in Boston MA.  More…

Richard Colburn (Photography) was awarded a Professional Development Assignment for the Fall of 2009. Recently his photographs have been included in exhibitions at the Des Moines Art Center and the Nicolaysen Museum of Art in Casper, Wyoming, as well as solo exhibitions at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, and Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. More…

The work of Tim Dooley (Printmaking) was featured, along with that of his colleague, Aaron Wilson, at two invitational exhibitions at Wright State University (Dayton OH), and the Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle WA) (for which he was also Master Artist in Residence). He was commissioned by the Hearst Center for the Arts to produce a limited edition of prints for the Print Collectors Program. More… 

Erica Duffy-Voss (Jewelry and Metals) recently had simultaneous solo exhibitions at the University of Wisconsin-Stout (Menomonie, WI) and Truman State University (Kirksville, MO). Her work was also featured in an article for the Polish Jewellery Publishing House and in exhibitions at Texas State University (San Marcos, TX) and the UNI Museum. More…

Two works by Philip Fass (Graphic Design) recently received awards from the Cedar Valley chapter of the American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards. His design for the UNI Gallery of Art Permanent Collection brochure received a judges citation, and his 2008 Gallery of Art Exhibition Schedule poster was awarded a silver medal. He also art directed graduate student Valeria Nekhaeva in designing the frje Echeverria retrospective catalog, which also won a silver award. More…

Kenneth Hall (Painting and Drawing) exhibited work at the Miami University Department of Art Bicentennial Exhibition (Oxford OH), and also shared his current work in an exhibit of paintings and drawings at UNI. He was instrumental in the submission of student work for possible purchase by the Target Corporation. More…

Soo Hostetler (Graphic Design) presented papers having to do with various aspects of digital media at two conferences, at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland OR) and the Berlin Technical University (Berlin, Germany). One of her papers was subsequently published in the International Journal of Design Principles and Practices, while another appeared in Beginnings, the journal of the School of Communication at Northern Arizona University. One of her motion graphics films was chosen for the 2009 American Graphic Design Awards, and was featured in Graphic Design USA magazine. Her work was also exhibited in national and international exhibits at the Fischer Fine Art Gallery (South Amana IA), North Arizona University (Flagstaff AZ), and St Cloud State University (St Cloud MN). More recently, her work was selected for 30 and Beyond: College of Design Alumni Exhibition at Iowa State University, where she earned her MFA. More…

Mary Frisbee Johnson (Painting and Drawing) was awarded a 2009 Summer Research Fellowship. Her work was recently reproduced in Jeffrey Snyder, Art Jewelry Today 2, and is currently being exhibited at the Artisan's Gallery (New York), Gallery MIM [Made in Metal] (Baltimore MD), and Velvet da Vinci Gallery (San Francisco). More…

Andrew McCormick (Art Education), who graduated from UNI in 2001 with a BA in Art Education, has now returned as an Instructor of Art Education. In the interim, he earned an MFA in Sculpture at Ohio University (Athens OH), and is working on a doctorate in Art Education.

Wendy Miller (Art Education) recently joined the UNI art faculty as an Instructor in Art Education. She earned her BFA and MA Painting degrees at the University of Iowa, and is now completing her doctorate.

Angela Pease (Adjunct in Photography) is a UNI alumnus, who went on to earn her MFA in sculpture at Alfred University (Alfred NY). Her work was exhibited recently at Kendall College (Grand Rapids MI), Hudson D. Walker Gallery (Provincetown MA), and the Mount Mercy College Gallery (Cedar Rapids IA). It was also included in Studio Visit: A Juried Selection of International Artists, published by Open Studios Press. 

Dan Perry (Shop Technician and Instructor) conducted workshops recently at Buena Vista College (Storm Lake IA), and was also featured in that school's Alumni Exhibition. His work was chosen for a competitive exhibition at the Hearst Center for the Arts, and for a commissioned public artwork for Begeman Hall (Physics and Science Education) on the UNI campus. His work was also exhibited at Gallery 92 West (Fremont NE), 1301 Gallery and the Jewish Community Center Gallery (Omaha NE).

Aypryl Pippert (Adjunct in Performance Art) is a UNI alumnus, whose recent work was featured in two performance exhibitions at the UNI Gallery of Art, Vertigo-a-go-go (2008) and Vertigo-mini (2009).

Works by JoAnn Schnabel (Ceramics) were recently included in juried exhibitions at the James Patrick Gallery (Wiscasset ME), Fuller Craft Museum (Brockton MA), Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute (Jingdezhen, People's Republic of China), and the UNI Museum. She is also associated with the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts (New Castle ME), where she serves on the board of trustees. More…

Tom Stancliffe (Sculpture), whose primary studio focus is on public artwork, was recently commissioned to make public sculptures for the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin (Madison), and the Biotechnology / Health Sciences Building at Iowa Central Community College (Fort Dodge IA). His work was also featured in a solo exhibition at Northwest Missouri State University Art Gallery (Maryville MO). More… 

Crit Streed (Painting and Drawing) has announced that she will retire from teaching at the end of 2009. Her work was recently featured in an exhibition at AIR Gallery (New York), in the form of a performance-based drawing installation, in which she performed daily for two weeks. Her video, titled Speak to Me, was exhibited at a 2008 symposium at the Universidade de Evora (Portugal). More…

Elizabeth Sutton (Art History) is a Visiting Scholar in Art History. She earned her BA in Art History at Carleton College (Northfield MN) (2002), and her MA and PhD in the same subject area at the University of Iowa (2005, 2009).

Darrell Taylor (Gallery of Art) has recently been responsible for a number of important exhibitions, one on the UNI Permanent Collection of Art, and separate retrospectives on the work of artists frje Echeverria and Cat Chow. For all three events, exhibition catalogs were published by the UNI Gallery of Art. As an artist, his own work was featured in a solo exhibition at Wartburg College (Waverly IA) and an invitational group exhibition at CSPS (Cedar Rapids IA). He also presented papers at Hawkeye Community College (Waterloo IA) and Kent State University (Kent OH). More…

Bryan VanDonslear (Curator, Visual Resources Center) has been attending software workshops, with the purpose of facilitating the effective use by the art faculty of digital media for classroom instruction. He has also exhibited his drawings at the Blackburn College Gallery of Art (Carlinville IL) and the Charles City Art Center (Charles City IA).
Aaron Wilson (Printmaking) was largely responsible for curating The Home Show, an invitational printmaking exhibition at the UNI Gallery of Art, and sponsoring lectures and workshops by the four featured printmakers. His own artwork (along with, in some cases, the work of his colleague, Tim Dooley) was recently exhibited at the Columbia College of Art (Chicago), Wayne State University (Dayton OH), Lux Center for the Arts (Lincoln NE), and Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle WA). More…

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