THE UNI Department of Art offers degree programs (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts) for undergraduate students in three main categories: Art Studio (in ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture), Art History, and Art Education. 
It is common for Art Studio students to work in more than one area at once, or between two areas (or three), and thereby to experiment in mixed media. In addition, there are abundant opportunities in such intermedia areas as performance art, installation art, public sculpture, video, image design, digital animation, and website design.

When entering the program as freshmen, students enroll initially in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) program (in Art Studio, Art History or Art Education). Once they have completed the foundations program, students may choose to apply to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program, admission to which requires a high GPA and submission of an exemplary portfolio.
Admission standards to the graduate program in the UNI Department of Art, which leads to the Master of Arts (MA) degree, are rigorous. To apply, one needs compelling proof of extraordinary achievement in the area in which the applicant plans to specialize, by submitting to the faculty a portfolio of superior work. While the graduate program has always been small and selective, in recent years it has attracted students from throughout the US, and from other countries, including Japan, the People’s Republic of China, Korea, Argentina and Russia.
The ideal way to earn a degree in art at UNI is to enter as a freshman, and to complete all requirements at a single school. That is the most efficient means, and, in the long run, it is usually the most cost effective. Nevertheless, we make every effort to do what we can to accommodate transfer students.
I was born and raised in China, but I studied graphic design in the UNI art department. I myself am now a professor of graphic design, but I still have very fond memories of my inspiring days as a student. Let me put it this way: UNI is at the heart of Cedar Falls, which is at the heart of Iowa, which itself is in the heartland of this country. The educational program at UNI cheered my own heart by providing me with invaluable knowledge, skills, confidence and friendship, and it also made me feel at home, even as a foreign student.

Li-Ying Bao 
MA 1992
graphic design professor
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Student work (top of page, left to right) © Bounnak Thammavong, Tyler Speicher and Jensen Barnes.
Soo Hostetler
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