STUDENTS WHO major in Art Studio, Art History or Art Education at UNI begin their studies by completing the Foundations Program during their first year. This is comprised of six courses (Drawing I and II, Survey of Art History I and II, 2D Concepts, and 3D Concepts) that familiarize all of them with basic understandings that pertain to all areas of the department.
After completing the Foundations Program, students may specialize in any of the following emphasis areas: Ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Because of the cooperative relationship among those areas, students have been known to choose more than one emphasis area within the Art program. Artists, designers, historians and educators benefit greatly from daily interactions and a lively exchange of points of view.
There are other options as well: It is possible to double-major, earning a degree in Art, while at the same time majoring in a second subject. It is also very common for Art students to supplement their major by a minor in a different field, such as Computer Science, Public Relations, Marketing, or Biology, to name only a few. 
What I recall most vividly about my education at UNI is the way in which the art faculty treated the students as fellow travelers on the journey of life—it was like being part of an extended family, and yet it also included constructive criticism, as a means of encouraging students to strengthen their work and ideas.

Kimm Stastny 
BA 1969, MA
art educator
I gained so much from attending UNI because I was taught to think creatively. The art professors encouraged me with genuine interest and concern, nurturing me as a beginning student, and then actively challenging me as an advanced student. In my final years in the program, I felt like a colleague, and I was able to see that it is the love of their work and craftsmanship that really sets the standard for what an artist should achieve.

Gillian Christy 
BFA 2002
Providence RI
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