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Office of Academic Advising

Peer Academic Advisor in Residence

Peer Academic Advisor in Residence (PAIR) are students who work in the Office of Academic Advising, as well as within their assigned residence hall. Each PAIR, receives specific training that enables them to assist students in a variety of areas including:

  • Major and career options
  • Declaring or changing a major
  • Scheduling
  • Classes
  • Study skills and strategies
  • Resources around campus

Who are the PAIRS?

Maddison - Bender Hall PAIR

Bender Hall PAIR - Maddison

Major(s): Communication / Public Relations  

Minor(s): Political Science, Marketing, Journalism

Hometown: Lynville, IA

Where do I get Involved: UNI Speech Team, CIEP Conversation Partner, and Political Science Society.

My "Favorites" at UNI: London Fogs from Chats, quick naps in the Lang Hall 2nd floor study area, and the Campus Activities Board movie nights!

Advice to New Students: Get to know other students in your classes!  You will make new friends and can get notes that you miss...and a potential study-buddy!

Tori - Campbell Hall PAIR

Campbell Hall PAIR - Tori

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Marketing

Hometown: Burlington, IL

Where do I get Involved: Student Alumni Ambassadors and Campbell Hall Senate

My "Favorites" at UNI: Friendly environment and campus size!

Advice to New Students: Get involved! You will make great friends and a lifetime of memories if you jump into the UNI culture and experience all of the wonderful activities, clubs, and events it has to offer. You will learn a lot about yourself along the way by trying new things and putting yourself out there. Ultimately, you will grow into the person you want to be as a direct result of your involvement. So get out there and experience UNI!

Liz - Dancer Hall PAIR

Dancer Hall PAIR - Liz

Major:  Communicative Sciences/ Disorders

Minor(s):  Family Services

Hometown: Minooka, IL 

Where do I Get Involved: Advocates for Alzheimer's, Hall Senate, and Students Today Leaders Forever 

My "Favorites" at UNI: The accommodating and personable faculty, perfect size campus, the community feeling, the chicken enchilada soup, and children's reading room in Rod Library!

Advice to New Students: 1) Go to classes.  Staying motivated is very difficult. But, going to class is important because it ultimately saves you time. This is because you not only learn what to know, but also what is unimportant. This will make your study time easier. Also, this is college and it is socially acceptable to wear your pajamas to an 8 am if you are absolutely exhausted. 2) Talk to your professors.  Professors are here because they want you to learn. If your struggling with a class there is no shame in arranging to meet with them. Even if you find the class easy, your professors work as great references for jobs. So communicate with them!  3) Get Involved,  There is no shortage of clubs and activities to take part in. By getting involved you  meet new friends, make connections, and grow as a person. 

Derek - Hagemann Hall PAIR

Hagemann Hall PAIR - Derek

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Wall Lake, IA

Where do I get Involved: UNI Singers, Chi Alpha, and Rider Hall Senate

My "Favorites" at UNI: Mauker Union is an amazing place to work on homework or hang out with friends!

Advice to New Students: Plan out your daily schedule the night before and make sure you schedule some leisure time for yourself so the day doesn't seem so long. This is a great way to make sure you get your work done and have an amazing college experience!

Ashley - Lawther Hall PAIR

Lawther Hall PAIR - Ashley

Major: Secondary Education English; Dual Major: Middle Level Education

Hometown: LeMars, IA

Where do I get Involved: Lawther Hall Senate and Dance Marathon 

My "Favorites" at UNI: Hanging out with friends and going to various activities on campus!

Advice to New Students Be friendly to everyone you meet because it will help you greatly in the long run!

McKenzie - Noehren Hall PAIR

Noehren Hall PAIR - McKenzie

Major: Communication and English

Hometown: Huxley, IA

Where do I get Invovled: Peer Mentor for First Year Course, Residence Hall Association, and National Residence Hall Honorary 

Advice to New Students: Don't be afraid to get involved on campus! UNI is easily one of the best places to get involved. It will grow your leadership skills, confidence, and friendships! 

Hannah - Rider Hall PAIR

Rider Hall PAIR - Hannah

Major(s): Psychology

Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Rock Island, IL

Where do I get Involved: Hall Senate, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Colleges Against Cancer.

My "Favorites" at UNI: Meeting people and being apart of Residence Life.

Advice to New Students: I would use a daily schedule to manage your time and make "to do list".

Hannah - Shull Hall PAIR

Shull Hall PAIR - Hannah

Major: Athletic Training

Hometown: Runnells, IA

Where do I get Involved: Alpha Xi Delta sorority, Honors PEER Leader, and Honors Society

My "Favorites" at UNI: Good food, friendly people and staff, good sized campus!

Advice to New Students: Get involved!