Undergraduate Advising Council to the Provost

Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision Statement

UNI aspires to create the best academic advising experience for each student.

Mission Statement

Academic Advising is a critical component of the teaching and learning environment at UNI. Advising is a personalized educational experience, empowering students to explore, articulate and achieve their academic, career and life goals. 

Advising Goals

  1. Promote a culture of quality academic advising through advisor education, recognition and reward, and advising program assessment.
  2. Assist students in understanding the nature and purpose of higher education.
  3. Ensure that all students have access to knowledgeable and respectful advisors.
  4. Provide accurate information about university requirements, policies, and procedures.
  5. Encourage, support and guide students to take responsibility for meeting their own educational, personal and career goals.