Transferring to UNI!

If you started at another college and want to finish at UNI, you’re in good company. More than 35 percent of our students transfer from other colleges or universities.

Many transfer students choose UNI because of our strong academic programs. Others choose UNI because of our size: We’re large enough to offer a variety of academic and social opportunities yet small enough so you get the attention you deserve to excel.

We'll help you explore who you are and investigate majors and careers that fit your interests. The UNI Plan of Study will guide your educational experience and help you graduate as efficiently as possible.

No matter where you transfer from, you’ll be proud to call UNI home for now – and your alma mater tomorrow!

  • Ian
    Learn why Ian transferred to UNI...
    Westside, Iowa
    Public Relations
  • I tell every student I meet with two pieces of advice: 1) Meet and get to know your professors in the first month, one-on-one; 2) Join a student group in the first month of school, you won’t regret it!